120 Epic Adjectives Starting in N (That You’ll Actually Use!)

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Searching for awesome N adjectives?

Desperate to find the perfect adjective that starts with N?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

As a content writer, I know all too well how frustrating it can be to hunt for a certain word and be unable to find it.

And, given that good adjectives beginning with N can be particularly tricky to think up (“nice” only gets you so far!), I decided to put together a long list of adjectives that start in N to help.

Sound good?

Well, read on you naughty little minx! Here are 120 nifty adjectives starting with N that even the most negative people are sure to appreciate. Trust me, this list is so long it might seem never-ending!

…Okay, I’ll stop.

Let’s dive into these descriptive words starting with N.

Adjective starting with nNeed an adjective starting with N? Here are 120 of them!

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120 Adjectives Starting in N

All jokes aside, this list is actually quite long! So, to help you find what you’re looking for, I decided to break it up into sections.

The first set of “adjectives N” are my personal favourites, but from there we’ll get into N words that describe someone, or that are common, positive, short, and so on!

My Favourite Adjectives That Start With N

1. Nomadic

2. Necessary

3. Neck-deep

4. Nightlong

5. Not-too-distant

6. Novel

7. Natural

8. Noteworthy

9. Nameless

10. Nostalgic

11. Nippy

12. Noxious

13. Nauseating

14. Nutritious

15. Numberless

Adjective that starts with nNext up: 15 commonplace options for a adjective that starts with N!

Common N Adjectives

16. Naive

17. Naked

18. Narrow

19. Nasal

20. Nasty

21. Native

22. New

23. Nightly

24. National

25. Nearby

26. Needless

27. Negotiable

28. Neither

29. Nervous

30. Never-ending

Adjectives that start with nWant some positive adjectives that start with N? Check out these ones:

Positive Words That Start With N

31. Noble

32. Nifty

33. Nimble

34. Newest

35. Nice

36. Newsworthy

37. No-nonsense

38. Nonchalant

39. No-frills

40. Nonconforming

41. Noncritical

42. Non-invasive

43. Non-judgmental

44. Normal

45. Nifty

N AdjectivesNot all N adjectives are nice! Here are 15 you could use to describe someone you don’t like…

Negative N Words That Describe Someone

46. Neurotic

47. Narrow-minded

48. Nihilistic

49. Non-civilized

50. Non-verbal

51. Nonprofessional

52. Nazi

53. Non-assertive

54. Negative

55. Nosey

56. Nefarious

57. Nit-witted

58. Non-resilient

59. Neglectful

60. Negligent

Adjectives starting with nNext up: 15 adjectives starting with N that could come in particularly handy in everyday life.

Useful Adjectives That Start in N

61. Numbing

62. Numerate

63. Nocturnal

64. Nonsense

65. Newfound

66. New-fangled

67. New-born

68. Neutered

69. Neurological

70. Neighbourly

71. Neither

72. Nightmarish

73. Near-sighted

74. Nautical

75. Nationwide

Adjectives that start in nTrying to find adjectives that start in N for places or directions? These ones should do the trick…

Adjectives Beginning With N for Directions and Places

76. North

77. Northbound

78. Northerly

79. Northern

80. Northernmost

81. Numeral

82. Numeric

83. Numerable

84. Norwegian

85. Nigerian

86. Nordic

87. Northeasterly

88. Norman

89. Nicaraguan

90. Neopolitan

Adjectives beginning with nSome of the best adjectives beginning with N are super short! Here are 15 of them:

Short Descriptive Words Starting With N

91. No

92. None

93. Null

94. Near

95. Nude

96. Neat

97. Numb

98. Neo

99. Nuts

100. Next

101. Nary

102. No-win

103. Nigh

104. Nervy

105. Needy

Descriptive words starting with nLast but not least, here are 15 descriptive words starting with N that you’re sure to use in conversation sooner or later!

Miscellaneous Adjectives N

106. Non-stop

107. Noseless

108. Notable

109. Noticeable

110. Notorious

111. Nourishing

112. Nut-brown

113. Nutlike

114. Nutty

115. Notional

116. Notifiable

117. Non-traditional

118. Non-syllabic

119. Non-stick

120. Nascent

Time to Pick an Adjective Starting With N

There you have it, then: 120 awesome adjectives starting in N.

Did you find just the N adjective you were searching for at the start?

I hope so!

If not, though, don’t worry. The adjectives that start with N in this post are simply those I think most people will actually use in daily life. There are definitely more out there to choose from!

Keep doing some digging online and I’m sure you’ll come up trumps.

Think you’ll need this list of adjectives starting with N in the future? Don’t forget to bookmark it for later!

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