134 Magical Questions about Music [Epic Music Questions]

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Apple Music has almost 90 million subscribers.

Spotify hosts more than 11 million artists.

And that’s just the two most popular music apps!

It just goes to show how music’s such a cornerstone of the human experience.

That’s why it’s such an awesome thing to talk about – especially when you’re with someone who’s a true muso.

Are you looking for some top questions about music to serve as conversation starters?

This post should help.

Check out this long list of music questions!

Music questions

Here we go then: 134 of the epic music questions I could either find or come up with. Enjoy!

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Questions to Ask About Music History

Maybe you’re creating a test for your students.

Perhaps you have the opportunity to chat with a professor of music history.

If so, these questions are for you…

1. Why did humankind create music?

2. When did humankind create music?

3. What is the first piece of music ever recorded?

4. Where does the oldest piece of music come from?

5. Who invented the first musical instrument?

6. What is the first musical instrument ever invented?

7. What is the oldest musical instrument ever found by archeologists?

8. What did [Ancient Egyptian/Ancient Greek/Ancient Roman/Medieval] music sound like?

9. What language were the first song lyrics written in?

10. What are the four periods of classical music? [Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern]

11. Is there a scientific definition of music?

12. When was the first musical performed?

13. When was opera invented?

14. What instrument did Beethoven play?

15. Can I still listen to music from [Ancient Egyptian/Ancient Greek/Ancient Roman/Medieval] today?

16. What were ancient musical instruments made out of?

17. Why do indigenous peoples share their history and myths through song?

18. In what ways does music from the ancient world influence contemporary music?

Questions to ask a musicianHere are 13 questions to ask a musician that’ll really help you get to know them.

Questions to Ask a Famous Musician

Are you interviewing a local band for your school newspaper?

Are you a music journalist just getting started in the media business?

Use this set of questions for interview inspiration.

19. Tell me about your first memory of music.

20. Can you remember the first time you heard a song you liked?

21. Who is your favorite musician/s?

22. Which band/s are you most inspired by?

23. How old were you when you first performed music on stage?

24. When did your music career start?

25. How did your music career start?

26. When did you get signed to a music label? (And are you still with the same label today?)

27. Which streaming platform do you release your tracks on?

28. What genre of music do you perform in?

29. What is your favorite music genre, and why?

30. If you could play at any venue worldwide, which one would you choose and why?

31. What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring musical artists?

Questions About Music and Emotions

Sad music, happy music… research shows that it all has an affect on our feelings.

You’ve probably noticed this yourself!

Here are some questions to help you explore this phenomenon more deeply.

32. What memories does the piece of music you’re listening to conjure?

33. How do you feel when you listen to [rock/country western/rap/hip hop/classical/etc.] music?

34. If you listen to this piece of music [provide a sample], what would you draw?

35. How does the [timbre/pitch/rhythm/dynamics/tempo/articulation] of this piece of music make you feel?

36. Do you resonate emotionally with the chorus or the bridge of this song?

37. Does the piece of music make you feel many emotions or just one?

38. Name a song that makes you feel [sad/happy/joyful/angry/despondent]?

39. What do you think the [composer/songwriter] of this song wants you to feel?

40. Do you think the musicians like playing and performing this song? (And what makes you think that?)

Digital Music Questions

Do you consider yourself an audiophile?

Test your music tech knowledge by trying to answer these questions!

41. What is the acronym “MIDI” short for?

42. What is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

43. What is the acronym “EQ” short for?

44. How does a soundwave travel through space?

45. What is the purpose of a metronome?

46. What instruments do electronic musicians use?

47. What invention made it possible for musicians to record and edit the music they made?

48. Which music genres were the first to incorporate electronic sound?

49. What is the acronym “EDM” short for?

50. Is digital audio continuous or discrete in time?

51. Which cut-off frequency is named after a Swedish mathematician?

52. Who is your favorite electronic music artist?

53. Which music streaming platform or app do you prefer to use?

54. How do you listen to music: smartphone, computer, smart TV, or another device?

55. Do you still own any music CDs? Do you own any records?

56. Have you ever mixed your own music?

57. What is the difference between WAV and MP3?

Questions to ask singersWant some questions to ask singers? Here they are…

Questions to Ask Singers

You’re heading out on a first date with someone you know is a singer by profession. You want to ask them about their singing career, but you’re not sure what to ask.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

58. Did you know you could sing well even as a child?

59. Does your [mother/father/grandmother/grandfather/sibling] also sing well?

60. Do you like to sing in the shower?

61. What kind of singer would you describe yourself as?

62. When did you first get into [opera/stage/musical/choir] singing?

63. How did you first get into [opera/stage/musical/choir] singing?

64. Do you share your singing talent on social media?

65. Did you have to train your singing voice or did it come naturally?

66. Did you train under a famous singing teacher?

67. What do you want your singing career to look like five years from now?

68. If you were a song, what song would you be and why?

Music topics to talk about.Wondering what music topics to talk about? Check out this next section!

Music Topics to Talk About

Do you always end up a wallflower at gigs and music events?

Here’s a quick reference list of the best music topics to keep you talking all night long.

69. The history of [country western/rap/electronic/dance/classical] music.

70. [band name] are the pioneers of [music genre].

71. The use of music in teaching children with learning disabilities.

72. Death metal and its influence (or not) on violence in youths.

73. The bands that started the grunge music movement.

74. London: the birthplace of punk rock.

75. The tragic death of The Beatles singer/songwriter John Lennon.

76. Can you really create great music using only a computer?

77. The history of [the Moog synthesizer/Gibson guitar/Stradivarius violin/Baldwin piano/Casio keyboard]

78. Is it okay to use profanity in popular music?

79. Troubled K-pop stars.

80. The role social media plays in music distribution.

81. The emerging role of AI in electronic and sample-based music.

Music Festivals: What to Ask

Are you getting ready to attend your first music festival? Here are some questions to ask

yourself before you go and others when you get there.

82. Should I really pay for a ticket if I’ve seen most of the bands before?

83. Am I going to this festival for the music or just to have a good time with my friends?

84. Will this music festival FOMO pass or will I forever regret not going?

85. What if this festival is the Woodstock of my generation?

86. Should I make a pre-festival playlist to get me in the mood?

87. Have you seen Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99 on Netflix?

88. Have you seen FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix?

89. How many music festivals have you been to this year?

90. What do you think of the atmosphere at this music festival?

91. Did you have to travel far to get to this music festival?

Questions to ask about musicHunting for questions to ask about music? The next section should help!

Music Questions to Ask When Learning

If you’re about to take your first music lesson, it can be daunting to know what to ask your teacher.

Music appreciation is a skill that can be learned, but only if you ask the right questions.

92. Which musical instrument is making that sound?

93. What is this style of music called?

94. Can you give me some tips on how to listen to music correctly?

95. Where in the world does this [piece/style] of music come from?

96. Where was this musical instrument invented?

97. How many hours a day should I practice playing this instrument?

98. How long will it take me to become proficient at playing this instrument?

99. I prefer songs without lyrics. Can we focus on those kinds of songs?

100. I’m not sure which instrument I’d like to learn. Can you recommend something?

101. Can I tell you what I enjoyed most about today’s music lesson?

Questions to Uncover Musical Tastes

Let’s say you just made a new friend or have started at a new workplace. There’s no better way to get to know someone than asking them about their taste in music.

Use these questions to spark a conversation!

102. Who’s your favorite musical artist of all time? Who is your current favorite musical artist?

103. Which bands would you include in your top ten?

104. What was the first concert you ever went to?

105. Do you play any instruments?

106. Do you like to dance? If yes, what style of dance do you prefer?

107. Do you listen to music every day?

108. Have your musical tastes changed as you’ve grown older?

109. Which musical artist have you never seen live, but you really want to?

110. Have you ever crowd surfed?

111. What music did your parents play at home when you were a child?

112. Do you prefer listening to music on vinyl, CDs, or the internet?

113. Do you like [musicals/opera/classical music]?

Easy music quiz questions and answersNext up: some of the easy music quiz questions and answers we have just for you!

Easy Music Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you consider yourself a scatterbrain when it comes to music facts? Impress your friends or win the prize at your next pub quiz with these easy trivia questions and answers!

114. Which Canadian singer sang the song My Heart Will Go On made famous by the movie Titanic? Celine Dion.

115. Who sang Smells Like Teen Spirit? Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana.

116. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston was on the soundtrack of which famous movie? The Bodyguard.

117. Who is the youngest person ever to headline Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid stage? Billie Ellish.

118. How many members in the K-pop band BTS? Seven members.

119. Which year was Wannabe released by the Spice Girls? 1996.

120. Which band was Jim Morrison the lead singer of? The Doors.

121. Who was the first musician to take the stage at the original Woodstock? Richie Havens.

122. Which pop star was behind the No.1 hit song Ice, Ice, Baby? Vanilla Ice.

123. In the song Space Oddity by David Bowie, who is ground control trying to contact? Major Tom.

Music conversation startersLast but not least, here are 11 music conversation starters you can use to ask and make new musical friends!

Music Conversation Starters

Are you passionate about music but find it hard to strike up a conversation about it? Overcome the shyness and make new musical friends with these questions.

124. What are your top three music genres?

125. Where do you usually listen to music? In the car, on public transport, at home, or at work?

126. Have you ever been to see a Broadway musical? If yes, which one?

127. Do you like musical films? If yes, which is your favorite?

128. What style of music makes you want to boogie?

129. Do you want to go to a concert with me?

130. Do you think music is healing?

131. Did you learn to play any musical instruments when you were young? What about as an adult?

132. Do you listen to songs in any other language than English?

133. What bands or musicians did your parents hate you listening to when you lived at home?

134. Which band would you love to see live one day?

Questions About Music: The Only List You’ll Ever Need

As the late, great Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley once said:

“One good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Music soothes our souls and enhances life’s joyous moments. And it’s also an amazing topic to talk to someone about!

When it comes to questions about music, the sky’s the limit. I hope the options on this list will help keep the conversation flowing with any muso you get talking to.

Check out our other articles for more questions, quotes, and all things inspirational.

These questions for teenagers are the perfect place to start!

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