20 Genuinely Positive Words Starting with Y in English

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Searching long and hard for positive words starting with Y?

I’m not surprised.

From what I can tell, there really aren’t that many of them!

Unlike other letters, positive Y words in the English dictionary seem few and far between.

In fact, lots of words and adjectives starting with Y seem anything but positive.

Words like “yucky”, “yappy”, and “yearnful”.

But don’t worry. They do exist!

And I’ve pulled the best ones into this list for the sake of anyone else who’s been hunting for them. Sound good?

Here are the most positive words that start with Y I could find!

Positive words that start with YHere we go, then: 20 positive words that start with Y!

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20 Positive Words Starting with Y in English

The list of positive words that start with Y in the English dictionary might not go on forever, but there are still some awesome ones out there.

Here are 20 that, for one reason or another, are worth knowing!

1. Yankee

  • Noun (informal) – someone from the United States – e.g. “a talkative Yankee”

2. Yay

  • Exclamation – for expressing approval or triumph – e.g. “Yay! We won!”

3. Yeasty

  • Adjective – of, containing, or resembling yeast – e.g. “yeasty flavours”
  • Adjective – youthful, exuberant – e.g. “the yeasty freshmen”

4. Yee-haw

  • Exclamation – for expressing enthusiasm – e.g. “’yee-haw’, said the cowboy”

5. Yell

  • Noun – a loud, sharp cry (sometimes of pain, often of surprise or delight) – e.g. “a yell of delight”

Positive words that start with YYellow is one of my favourite positive words that start with Y on this list!

6. Yellow

  • Adjective – the colour yellow – e.g. “the yellow sunflower”
  • Verb – to become yellow – e.g. “the white paint started to yellow with age”

7. Yes (Yep/Yup = colloquial)

  • Exclamation – for an affirmative response – e.g. “Yes, I understand”
  • Noun – an affirmative response – e.g. “she received a loud yes from the crowd”

8. Yesable

  • Adjective (colloquial) – that can be agreed to – e.g. “a yesable proposition”

9. Yeve

  • Verb (archaic) – to give – e.g. “the lord yeve thee good luck”

10. Yield

  • Verb – to provide or produce – e.g. “the land yields enough food for everyone”
  • Verb – to give in to pressure – e.g. “the people yielded instead of resisting”
  • Noun – the final amount of an industrial/agricultural product – e.g. “the grain yield”

Positive Y wordsPositive Y words go don’t get much more positive than “yippee”.

11. Yippee

  • Exclamation – to express delight or excitement – e.g. “yippee! Ice cream!”

12. Yogic

  • Adjective – of or pertaining to yoga – e.g. “a yogic philosophy”

13. Yonder

  • Noun – the far distance – e.g. “walk into the yonder”
  • Adverb – over there – e.g. “the nearest bar is 5 miles yonder”

14. Young

  • Adjective – having lived/existed for a short time – e.g. “a young man”

15. Younger

  • Comparative adjective – not as old as – e.g. “the younger sister”

Positive Y wordsTrying to find compliments starting with Y? This one should do the trick!

16. Young-looking

  • Adjective – having a youthful experience – e.g. “the student was young-looking”

17. Youngster

  • Noun – child, young person, or young animal – e.g. “they’re just a youngster”

18. Youthful

  • Adjective – young or seeming young – e.g. “he has a youthful spirit”

19. Yuletide

  • Noun (archaic) – Christmas – e.g. “Yuletide is around the corner”

20. Yummy (Compliments starting with Y)

Adjective – delicious – e.g. “this cake is yummy”

Remember These Positive Words That Start with Y

There you have it, then: 20 positive Y words to add to your English vocabulary list!

As you can tell, the list of positive words starting with Y is far from endless.

Thankfully, though, there are still some really nice words that start with Y to describe a person, a situation, or to use in everyday conversation out there.

I hope this list has highlighted the main ones.

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