140 Best Adjectives That Start with B

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On the hunt for some banging adjectives that start with B?

How about some brilliant b words to describe someone?

You’re in luck! A quick flick through the dictionary reveals that the English language is brimming with them.

Seriously, the list of bewitching B adjectives seems boundless.

In this article, I’m going to catalogue my favourites.

Read on to discover 100 of the very best adjectives beginning with B!

B AdjectivesHere we go, then: 140 brilliant B Adjectives!

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Best B Adjectives (Descriptive Words Starting with B)

I’ll begin with a selection of my favourite b adjectives. Whether you’re trying to describe someone or something, this list should help!

1. Babbling

  •           “The family had a babbling brook at the end of their garden.”

2. Baby

  •           “The baby elephant sat down without warning.”

3. Backup

  •           “The backup computer has stopped working as well.”

4. Baffled, Baffling

  •           “The baffling description made no sense to the reader.”

5. Banging

  •           “The banging sound of the drums was deafening.”

6. Barbaric

  •           “He had a barbaric look about him.”

7. Barbarous

  •           “The natural world can be a barbarous place.”

8. Bare

  •           “The living room looked bare and cold.”

9. Barren

  •           “The vast desert was a barren wasteland.”

10. Basic

  •           “This basic description was easy to write.”

11. Batty

  •           “Uncle Martin’s a bit batty these days.”

12. Beady

  •           “Her beady eyes seemed full of intelligence.”

13. Beaming

  •           “Her beaming smile made his heart melt.”

14. Beautiful

  •           “The beautiful view took their breath away.”

15. Beckoning

  •           “The dark cave depths were beckoning them over.”

16. Bedazzled

  •           “He was bedazzled by the stars above.”

17. Befuddled

  •           “He felt befuddled by the sudden change of plan.”

18. Beguiling

  •           “It was a beguiling mixture of ancient and modern.”

19. Bejewelled

  •           “Her neck was bejewelled like royalty.”

20. Belated

  •           “Sorry for the belated birthday message.”

21. Believable

  •           “His story was surprisingly believable.”

22. Belligerent

  •           “The young child’s belligerent behaviour got him in constant trouble.”

23. Beloved

  •           “You beloved grandma is on the phone.”

24. Bendable

  •           “The metal was oddly bendable.”

25. Beneficial

  •           “The situation is beneficial for everyone involved.”

26. Benevolent

  •           “God is benevolent.”

27. Benign

  •           “The teacher was benign but firm.”

28. Bent

  •           “He used some bent wire to unclog the drain.”

29. Berserk

  •           “She saw red and went berserk.”

30. Best

  •           “This is the best birthday I ever had.”

Adjectives Beginning with BBetter is one of the most commonly-used adjectives beginning with B.

31. Better

  •           “At least this birthday was better than the last one.”

32. Bewildered

  •           “I felt bewildered by the situation.”

33. Biannual

  •           “The biannual meeting is happening next week.”

34. Big, bigger, biggest

  •           “He’s the biggest man I ever saw.”

35. Billowy

  •           “She was wearing a beautiful billowy dress.”

36. Binary

  •           “The binary matter of life and death.”

37. Biodegradable

  •           “Thankfully, more packaging than ever is biodegradable.”

38. Bionic

  •           “His bionic arm gave him extra strength.”

39. Bite-sized

  •           “He taught maths in bite-sized chunks.”

40. Bitter

  •           “The fresh lemonade tasted bitter on his tongue.”

41. Bizarre

  •           “Some people have bizarre beliefs.”

42. Blameless

  •           “He did nothing wrong. He’s blameless.”

43. Bland

  •           “The food looked good but tasted bland.”

44. Blank

  •           “She gave him a blank look.”

45. Blazing

  •           “The blazing sun scorched the top of their heads.”

46. Bleached

  •           “The sun bleached their hair blonde with its ferocity.”

47. Bleak

  •           “The outlook seems bleak right now.”

48. Blessed

  •           “We live a blessed life.”

49. Blindfolded

  •           “The blindfolded stranger didn’t know where to turn.”

50. Blinding

  •           “The light was blinding.”

51. Blissful

  •           “The blissful sound of the ocean.”

52. Blistering

  •           “The blistering heat was hard to withstand.”

53. Bloated

  •           “I ate so much I’m bloated.”

54. Bloodcurdling

  •           “The wolf gave a bloodcurdling howl.”

55. Bloody, bloodied

  •           “His mouth was bloodied and battered after the fight.”

56. Blossoming

  •           “Their blossoming love is a delight to watch.”

57. Blundering

  •           “The blundering buffoon can’t do a thing right!”

58. Blunt

  •           “The blunt knife made cooking a nightmare.”

59. Blurry

  •           “Without my glasses, my vision is blurry.”

60. Blushing

  •           “He was blushing from the compliment.”

Adjectives Starting with BThis is one of my favourite adjectives starting with B!

61. Bohemian

  •           “The lovely bohemian town is full of fun things to do.”

62. Boiling

  •           “The boiling water was too hot to touch.”

63. Bone-crushing

  •           “The weight on top of them was bone-crushing.”

64. Booming

  •           “A booming economy makes everyone rich.”

65. Bouncy

  •           “The bouncy trampoline was a lot of fun.”

66. Boundless

  •           “Her generosity is boundless.”

67. Bounteous

  •           “The harvest this year bounteous.”

68. Bountiful

  •           “The ocean there once supplied a bountiful amount to eat.”

69. Brackish

  •           “They refused to drink the brackish water.”

70. Brazen

  •           “It was a brazen act of foolishness.”

71. Breakable

  •           “Be careful! That’s breakable.”

72. Breathtaking

  •           “The breathtaking views from the summit were unforgettable.”

73. Breezy

  •           “The weather was breezy but not cold.”

74. Brief

  •           “The movie was too brief for my liking.”

75. Brilliant

  •           “That teacher has a brilliant mind.”

76. Brisk

  •           “He went for a brisk walk to clear his head.”

77. Brittle

  •           “The stick was too brittle for the task.”

78. Broken

  •           “His broken leg was too painful to walk on.”

79. Broken-hearted

  •           “The broken-hearted teenager lay crying on the bed.”

80. Bruised

  •           “His bruised leg was sore to touch.”

81. Budding

  •           “The budding entrepreneur seemed set to succeed.”

82. Budget

  •           “It’s the budget option but it still does the job.”

83. Budget-friendly

  •           “Don’t underestimate the budget-friendly option.”

84. Bumpy

  •           “The road was so bumpy they needed a 4×4 to drive down it.”

85. Buoyant

  •           “Thankfully, the raft was buoyant enough to stay afloat.”

86. Burdensome

  •           “It was burdensome task they gave them no pleasure.”

87. Burnished

  •           “The burnished steel glimmered in the sunlight.”

88. Bushy

  •           “The man’s bushy beard was the envy of his friends.”

89. Bushy-Tailed

  •           “The bushy-tailed young boy always wore a smile.”

90. Buzzing

  •         “He was terrified of buzzing insects.”

B Words to Describe SomeoneNext up: 50 of the best B words to describe someone.

The Best B Words to Describe Someone

Looking for adjectives that start with B to describe a person? Here are 50 of them!

91. Baby-faced

  •           “The baby-faced boy could get away with murder.”

92. Bad

  •           “Their bad behaviour always got them in trouble at school.”

93. Bad-tempered

  •           “It’s best to avoid the bad-tempered drunk who lives there.”

94. Balanced

  •           “They had a balanced team of professionals to call upon.”

95. Ballsy

  •           “Her ballsy approach won her many fans.”

96. Balmy

  •           “His balmy Uncle Pete was impossible to understand sometimes.”

97. Bare-chested

  •           “The bare-chested man strode confidently down the beach.”

98. Bashful

  •           “They’re too quiet and bashful to ask.”

99. Bewitching

  •           “This book is bewitching from start to finish.”

100. Big-headed

“You’re nice, but you’re too big-headed for your own good.”

101. Big-hearted

  •           “My big-hearted father is always willing to help.”

102. Bigoted

  •           “Don’t be so bigoted!”

103. Bleary-eyed

  •           “After a night of heavy drinking, I woke up bleary-eyed and hungover.”

104. Blonde

  •           “Her blonde hair was always clogging up the shower.”

105. Bloodthirsty

  •           “The bloodthirsty warrior was desperate for a fight.”

106. Boastful

  •           “The boastful man needed to be taught a lesson in humility.”

107. Bodacious

  •           “The explorer was so bodacious she had fans everywhere.”

108. Boisterous

  •           “The boisterous boys were always causing trouble.”

109. Bold

  •           “That was a bold move.”

110. Bombastic

  •           “The bombastic president never followed through on their promises.”

111. Bonkers

  •           “That noise is making me bonkers!”

112. Bony

  •           “I hate my bony shoulders.”

113. Bookish

  •           “The librarian had always been bookish.”

114. Boorish

  •           “His boorish behaviour was hard to watch.”

115. Bootylicious

  •           “The girl’s bootylicious.”

116. Bored, boring

  •           “The bored students found ways to entertain themselves in class.”

117. Bossy

  •           “His bossy mother drove him mad.”

118. Boyish

  •           “His boyish ways betrayed a cheekier side to his character.”

119. Brainy

  •           “My brainy friend helps with my homework.”

120. Brash

  •           “Their brash behaviour made me lose all respect for them.”

Adjectives That Begin with BBrave is one of the adjectives that begin with B we’re all familiar with.

121. Brave

  •           “The brave knight rode into battle for the last time.”

122. Brawny

  •           “My brawny brother will knock you out.”

123. Breathless

  •           “You’re so beautiful, you make me feel breathless.”

124. Bright

  •           “The bright sun blinded him.”

125. Bright-eyed

  •           “The bright-eyed employee soon lost faith in the system.”

126. British

  •           “The British family spent time in America.”

127. Broad

  •           “It’s a broad area that’s full of opportunity.”

128. Broad-minded

  •           “Being broad-minded is an important quality to possess.”

129. Brooding

  •           “The brooding young boy plotted his friends’ demise.”

130. Brotherly

  •           “His older friend’s brotherly ways made him feel safe.”

131. Brunette

  •           “A brilliant brunette woman in her twenties.”

132. Bubbly

  •           “Her bubbly personality made her instantly popular.”

133. Buff

  •           “My ex-boyfriend was buff but boring.”

134. Bulky

  •           “The bulky suitcase wouldn’t fit in the cupboard.”

135. Bullish

  •           “His bullish financial advisor took unnecessary risks on the stock market.”

136. Bumbling

  •           “I’m a bumbling buffoon who can’t do anything right!”

137. Burly

  •           “The burly bodyguard kept close watch over his client.”

138. Business-like

  •           “He was calm and business-like in his approach.”

139. Busy

  •           “The busy mother rushes from one job to the next.”

140. Buxom

  •           “My aunty was a buxom woman with a keen intellect.”

Adjectives That Start with B

As you can tell, the dictionary’s full of brilliant B adjectives to use in your writing!

I hope this long list of adjectives that start with B has shed light on some of the best ones available.

Be sure to bookmark it for future reference so you’re never short of adjectives starting with B again!

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