50 Positive Words That Start with L [2023 Best L Adjectives]

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Did you know there are over 171,000 words currently in use in the English language?

Crazy, right?

No wonder it’s tough to find the word(s) you’re looking for sometimes. There are too many to choose from!

If you’re currently hunting for a list of positive words that start with L, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together a list of 50 L adjectives and descriptive words for L, alongside a brief definition of each one and examples of how to use them.

Ready to expand your vocabulary with some positive L words?

Let’s get started.

Adjectives that start with LHere we go then: 50 positive L words and adjectives that start with L.

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1. Ladylike

  • Definition: befitting a lady, well-bred, well-mannered, courteous, polite
  • Example: Her gracious behaviour at the party was very ladylike.

2. Laid-Back

  • Definition: relaxed, unbothered, unhurried, carefree, easygoing
  • Example: I love the friendly, laid-back culture in this small town.

3. Laugh

  • Definition: to express amusement or pleasure through facial expressions and audible expulsion of air from the lungs
  • Example: I always laugh at his jokes because they’re so funny.

4. Loyal

  • Definition: faithfulness to a sovereign, a person, a vow, or an obligation
  • Example: She is a loyal friend who sticks by me even during hard times.

5. Leadership

  • Definition: someone who gives guidance and direction to an individual or group
  • Example: Thanks to the excellent leadership of our coach, our team won the championship game.

6. Lenient

  • Definition: moderate, merciful, forgiving, tolerant, not severe
  • Example: My father was very strict when I was a child; I wish he had been more lenient.

7. Learned

  • Definition: well-informed, well-educated, having much knowledge and experience
  • Example: After travelling to 30 different countries, she was learned in the ways of the world.

8. Largehearted

  • Definition: kind, generous, understanding, charitable
  • Example: His donation to the children’s hospital shows his largehearted nature.

9. Levelheaded

  • Definition: reasonable, not reactive, showing sound judgment and common sense
  • Example: She remained calm and levelheaded in the midst of the family argument.

10. Lasting

  • Definition: durable, permanent, enduring, continuing for a long time
  • Example: Their lasting friendship began more than 50 years ago.

11. Laudable

  • Definition: commendable, honourable, deserving of praise
  • Example: His decision to care for his ailing mother at home is laudable.

12. Lavishly

  • Definition: extravagantly, luxuriously, in large amounts
  • Example: The opera house is lavishly decorated with velvet seats and crystal chandeliers.

13. Lyrical

  • Definition: poetic, pleasing, melodic, harmonious
  • Example: I love the lyrical language of 18th-century English poets.

14. Liberty

  • Definition: independence, a guarantee of rights, freedom from captivity or restraint
  • Example: The right to vote is a fundamental civil liberty in our nation.

15. Leisurely

  • Definition: unhurried, unbothered, deliberately, in no rush
  • Example: She strolled at a leisurely pace through the flower garden.

Adjectives starting with LLaureate might not be one of the adjectives starting with L on this list, but it’s certainly a positive L word!

16. Laureate

  • Definition: genius, prodigy, someone who receives high honour for being intellectual
  • Example: He was an award-winning laureate in the field of astronomy.

17. Lustrous

  • Definition: luminous, shining, brilliant, noteworthy
  • Example: The actress enjoyed a lustrous career in Hollywood for over four decades.

18. Legitimate

  • Definition: true, lawful, legal, in accordance with established principles or rules
  • Example: The document proved she was the legitimate owner of the property.

19. Liberate

  • Definition: to set free, to save, to redeem, to rescue
  • Example: The army’s goal was to liberate the people from the control of the oppressive government.

20. Luscious

  • Definition: luxurious, richly adorned, highly satisfying, pleasing to the senses
  • Example: These ripe, luscious apples will make a delicious pie.

21. Lifesaver

  • Definition: a person or thing who rescues someone (literally or metaphorically) from a dangerous or difficult situation
  • Example: When I got stranded in that snowstorm, my insulated jacket was a lifesaver.

22. Like-Minded

  • Definition: when two people agree on a topic or have a similar viewpoint or opinion
  • Example: My best friend and I are like-minded when it comes to gun control laws.

23. Lovely

  • Definition: beautiful, kind, appealing, attractive, pleasant
  • Example: The new curtains make a lovely addition to the living room decor.

24. Lucrative

  • Definition: moneymaking, profitable, desirable
  • Example: With a lot of hard work, he built up a lucrative business in the city.

25. Limitless

  • Definition: without boundaries, limitations, or restrictions
  • Example: With her skillset, her opportunities for upward advancement in the company are limitless.

26. Lighthearted

  • Definition: jovial, cheerful, playful, amusing, not serious
  • Example: This lighthearted romantic comedy had me laughing out loud.

27. Lucky

  • Definition: someone or something that has good fortune or success
  • Example: It was an incredibly lucky day when I met my future wife.

28. Lofty

  • Definition: grand, sublime, dignified, exalted in character
  • Example: He set the lofty goal of getting his degree at the University the Oxford.

29. Lucid

  • Definition: bright, plain, clear, easy to understand
  • Example: The editor praised my novel, saying that my writing was succinct and lucid.

30. Low-Key

  • Definition: understated, restrained, minimal, easygoing, discreet
  • Example: My lazy, low-key dog loves to lounge on the couch all day.

Adjectives with LLike adjectives with L? How about nouns?! Legacy’s one of my favourites.

31. Legacy

  • Definition: something from an earlier time, anything handed down from the past
  • Example: The new park statue will honour the legacy of the beloved queen.

32. Lionhearted

  • Definition: extremely brave, gallant, valiant, fearless
  • Example: The lionhearted general led his troops into battle — and to victory.

33. Lively

  • Definition: animated, energetic, vigorous, exciting
  • Example: I loved the vibrant, lively atmosphere at the new wine bar.

34. Legendary

  • Definition: someone or something that’s famous, admired, and well-known
  • Example: Everyone’s heard the legendary tale of King Arthur and his knights of the round table.

35. Lissome

  • Definition: thin, supple, flexible, able to move lightly and gracefully
  • Example: The ballerina looked lissome as she danced across the stage.

36. Latitude

  • Definition: the freedom to think, act, or behave any way you wish
  • Example: The new law gives judges considerably more latitude in sentencing.

37. Linchpin

  • Definition: something or someone that’s essential, a cornerstone, a mainstay
  • Example: The monarchy is the linchpin of the country’s society and traditions.

38. Lucent

  • Definition: something that glows or gives off light
  • Example: The full moon was lucent as it ascended over the horizon.

39. Lull

  • Definition: to coax or assure someone, to make someone feel calm and sleepy
  • Example: The mother hummed and sang quiet words to lull her baby to sleep.

40. Lovebirds

  • Definition: a happy, affectionate pair of romantic partners
  • Example: Look at those lovebirds over there, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes.

41. Lettered

  • Definition: educated, learned, well-read, especially in arts and literature
  • Example: His degree is in engineering, but he’s also lettered in Greek history.

42. Liberal

  • Definition: favourable to reform or progress, especially in political or religious matters
  • Example: My parents tend to be traditional and conservative, while I often have more liberal viewpoints.

43. Loopy

  • Definition: silly, crazy, eccentric, or tipsy (i.e., after drinking too much alcohol)
  • Example: I knew she was a little loopy when she couldn’t stop giggling.

44. Leeway

  • Definition: extra time or space, a certain degree of freedom in action or thought
  • Example: Traffic can be bad in the mornings, so give yourself 15 minutes of leeway for your departure.

45. Leading-Edge

  • Definition: the most innovative or advanced aspect of a particular field
  • Example: Self-driving vehicles are the leading-edge technology in today’s automotive industry.

L adjectivesHere are 5 final L adjectives, verbs, and nouns to add to your vocabulary.

46. Leap

  • Definition: to jump, pass over, spring through the air
  • Example: Did you see that dog take a flying leap over the fence?

47. Lighten

  • Definition: to remove excess weight, barriers, or burdens, to cheer up
  • Example: You need to lighten the load in your truck before you drive it across the bridge.

48. Legion

  • Definition: a great number of people or things, a multitude, a throng
  • Example: Our city’s football team has a legion of loyal fans.

49. Lifeline

  • Definition: someone or something that acts as a saviour or gives support
  • Example: The helpful nurses at the hospital were a real lifeline when Dad was sick.

50. Lark

  • Definition: something very easy to obtain or accomplish
  • Example: I was so worried about that maths exam, but it was a lark to pass.

Start Using These Positive Words That Start with L

So, how many of these positive words that start with L have you heard before?

Were there any that you’d never come across?

Either way, whether you were looking for adjectives that start with L to describe a person or you simply wanted to expand your vocabulary with some descriptive words for L, I hope this list of L adjectives, verbs, and nouns was helpful.

Oh, and if you’re hunting for similar articles, check out this list of positive Y words!

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