18 An Hour Is How Much a Year? $37,440! Sort of…

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Considering a job that pays 18 an hour?

Wondering how much is 18 an hour annually?

You’re in the right place!

Today, I’m going to reveal exactly what an 18 an hour salary looks like each year (whether you’re working full or part time).

I’ll also take a punt at whether or not it’s enough to live off comfortably.

So, 18 an hour is how much a year?

Let’s find out.

$18 an hour is how much a year$18 an hour is how much a year? Let’s do the math.

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18 an Hour Is How Much a Year?

Someone earning $18 an hour could get between $32,760 and $37,440 per year.

But that’s the short answer!

The long (and actual) answer depends entirely on how much you work.

The more hours you do, the more you’ll get paid, right?

And vice versa.

Likewise, do you plan on taking time off for a vacation? How about sick leave? And can your boss guarantee a set number of hours each week?

Those are all important questions.

After all, any time off will bring down the total you’d earn.

In reality, then, it’s hard to give a definitive answer to how much 18 an hour is per year. We can only ever make our best guess.

Nevertheless, here’s how I calculated the above figure, plus a quick look at what $18 an hour might pay if you worked part-time instead…

Here’s what an $18 an hour salary would be if you worked full time.

Full Time $18 Per Hour Annual Salary

Most full-time roles involve between 35 and 40 hours of work each week.

So, assuming you worked as much as possible, you’d be looking at 40 hours per week across a 52-week calendar year.

40 x 52?


To calculate how much is 18 an hour annually, you’d then multiply 2,080 by $18.

Which gives you $37,440.

And if you did 35 hours every week instead?

35 x 52 = 1,820.

Multiply that by $18 and voila…$32,760.

Alas, every hour of work you missed would chip away at that total. By the same token, every hour of overtime would add to it.

18 per hour is how much per year18 per hour is how much per year if you work part time? Let’s find out.

Part-Time $18 an Hour Salary

Let’s face it, not everybody wants to slave away in a full-time position each week.

So the next question to answer is:

“18 dollars an hour is how much a year…if you work part time?”

In general, a part time position is anything under 35 hours, with most part-time employees doing around 25 hours of work each week.

Multiply 25 (hours) by 52 (weeks) and you get 1,300.

1,300 x $18 = $23,400.

18 Dollars an Hour Is How Much a Year Really?

Unfortunately, those numbers are ambitious.


For one thing, because they assume you wouldn’t take a single day off.

That seems unrealistic! Everyone gets sick and/or needs some leisure time – or, better yet, an actual vacation – once in a while.

But let’s play devil’s advocate and imagine you’re the healthiest workaholic (isn’t that an oxymoron?) alive.

Even if you didn’t take time off, you’d still have to factor in the little matter of tax…

With that in mind, a better question to ask here is this:

“18 an hour is how much after taxes?”

Read the next section to find out…

18 an hour salaryAnother important question to ask is what 18 an hour is after taxes

18 an Hour Is How Much After Taxes?

Again, it’s hard to be super specific.

It depends on where you live in the US (or around the world…)!

Some places pay more tax than others, meaning it’s hard to pin down the “average” tax payer.

Keeping that caveat in mind, The Balance says the average tax rate for the top 50% of US tax payers is 14.6%.

Further down that article, it states the average tax rate overall is 22.6%.

And further down still, it says the average person in the US pays 8.2% tax.

Let’s say you were taxed at the final figure, 8.2%.

If you earned $37,440, you’d take home $34,370 after tax.

If you earned $23,400, you’d end up with $21,481 after tax.

Those numbers aren’t looking quite so sizable all of a sudden, which leads me to the next worthwhile thing to think about…

We know how much 18 dollars an hour is per year.

But is it enough to live off? Can you really survive on 18 an hour?

I’ll offer my 2 cents in the next section.

$18 per hour salaryAn $18 per hour salary. Is it enough?

Can You Live Comfortably On an $18 An Hour Salary?


That’s my opinion, anyway.

Some people may disagree, but I think 18 an hour is more than enough to live off – especially if you’re working full time.

You might not live like a king.

But you shouldn’t be (or feel) impoverished either.

In fact, if you worked a full-time position that pays $18 an hour, you’d be roughly 3x above the poverty line in America (for a single person household).

Having said that, you’d also be earning around half of the median household income in the US, which is currently around $67,500.

It all depends how you live.

If you want to eat take out every night, drive around in a fancy car, go shopping every weekend, and go on multiple vacations each year, then $18 an hour probably won’t cut it.

But it should be fine if you live within your means.

Here are a few ideas on how to do exactly that…

18 per hour annual salaryIn this last section, I’ll go through a few tips on how to make your 18 per hour annual salary stretch a bit further.

Top Tips to Live Off 18 an Hour

Living off 18 dollars an hour is 100% possible (in my opinion).

You just have to be a bit more frugal than you might otherwise want to be. For instance, you could:

  • Cook your own meals instead of eating out
  • Cancel any subscriptions you never use
  • Downgrade your mobile…and your car…and maybe even your home!
  • Stop buying lunches
  • Quit the shopping habit
  • Skip the night(s) out and invite people to your place instead
  • Take the bus, or cycle, or walk

…You get the picture.

Ultimately, there are all sorts of ways to live cheaper without sacrificing too much.

Try to make it a game.

As I saw a financial guru ask online recently: what’s the least amount of money you can spend each month?!

Have some fun with it and you’ll easily survive on $18 an hour. You might even thrive.

18 Dollars an Hour Is How Much a Year? Now You Know

So, 18 dollars an hour is how much a year?

Over $34k a year after tax – assuming you worked full time, all the time.

I hope this post has been useful! Despite it being much less than the national median, it’s still a reasonable amount of money – especially if you keep your expenses down.

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