101 Epic Affirmations for Abundance [Best Abundance affirmations]

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Did you know that you have an average of 12,000-50,000 thoughts every day?

If that number’s surprising, here’s the real shocker:

80% of those thoughts are negative.

Fear of the future is one of the most common negative thoughts we experience. We may worry about finding a job, earning a better salary, or achieving prosperity and personal success.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you might consider adding some positive affirmations for abundance to your daily routine.

But what exactly is an abundance affirmation? How do you choose and use affirmations? And, most importantly, what are the best affirmations for success, abundance, and prosperity?

Positive thoughts lie just ahead, so keep reading!

Abundance affirmations - definitionFirst up, what actually are abundance affirmations? Let’s take a look…

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What Are Affirmations Anyway?

At its simplest, an affirmation is a positive thought that’s intended to counteract a negative one.

As I mentioned at the start, the majority of our thoughts during the day have a negative slant.

We may think, “I’m not talented enough to get that promotion,” or “I’ll never be able to save enough to buy a house.”

The problem with these types of thoughts is that they can become self-fulfilling prophecies of failure!

For example, if you don’t think you’re good enough at your job to be promoted, then you won’t work to improve your skills.

And if you believe you’ll never be a homeowner, then you’ll probably never feel motivated enough to stick to a savings plan.

In other words, you’re resigning yourself to failure without ever giving yourself the chance to succeed.

Affirmations do exactly the opposite.

They challenge these negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and help you to overcome them.

The more you repeat these positive affirmations, the more you start to believe them!

And the more you believe in them — even adopting them as a personal mantra — the more likely you are to align your actions with those beliefs.

Affirmations of abundanceHere we go then: 101 awesome affirmations of abundance!

Affirmations for Abundance

When you have an abundance of something, you have a large (even overflowing) amount of that thing, right?

Abundance is often linked to financial assets, but it can also include intangible assets like love, happiness, laughter, or friends.

If you’re having trouble imagining some positive affirmations related to abundance, I’m here to help!

Check out these 101 affirmations that can invite abundance into your life.

1. I am receptive and open to everything life wants to offer me.

2. I am worthy of the things I desire.

3. I am grateful for all the good things I have in my life.

4. I am ready to welcome unexpected opportunities into my life.

5. I am grateful for the abundance that’s on its way to me.

6. I have everything I need to be successful in life’s endeavours.

7. I can and will achieve anything I set my mind to.

8. I can overcome any obstacles that lie in my path.

9. I attract loving, positive people into my life.

10. Today I feel centred, grounded, and peaceful.

11. I choose happiness.

12. I am worthy of compassion and empathy.

13. I choose happiness above everything else.

14. I will use money to improve my own life and the lives of others.

15. My actions today will lead to prosperity and abundance.

16. I control the things in my life rather than letting them control me.

17. More money equals more opportunities in life.

18. Everywhere I look, I see an abundance.

19. Abundance flows forever through my world.

20. I release negative thoughts and feelings about receiving abundance.

21. The abundance I enjoy is a vessel for doing good.

22. I choose faith over fear.

Affirmation for prosperityFinding the perfect affirmation for prosperity could be the first step to changing your life for the better.

Affirmations for Prosperity

When we change our thoughts, we have the power to change our reality.

If you’ve been struggling to attract money, wealth, and possessions into your life, try adopting some of these affirmations for prosperity.

23. I attract prosperity into my life.

24. I release all negative thoughts associated with money.

25. I deserve to be prosperous and happy.

26. I will surrender to the wisdom of the Universe.

27. Money allows me to do more of what I love.

28. I am a money magnet.

29. I am open to limitless possibilities.

30. I control my money, my money does not control me.

31. I will conquer all of my financial goals.

32. I am worthy of making more and having more.

33. Money creates a positive impact on my daily life.

34. I will embrace new avenues of income and prosperity.

35. I attract money easily and effortlessly.

36. I am in tune with the energy of prosperity.

37. I will not be defined by my financial status.

38. Money will find me in both expected and unexpected ways.

39. I will be open to new and unexpected solutions.

40. I believe there is enough money in the world for everyone.

41. I let go of any resistance towards attracting money.

42. I welcome infinite money and wealth into my life.

43. I understand that it’s okay to want more for myself.

44. Wealth flows constantly into my life from many directions.

45. I am more than the sum of my mistakes.

46. I am receptive to all the wealth that life offers me.

47. My financial situation will improve beyond my wildest dreams.

48. I am aligned with my goals and purpose in life.

Affirmations for success and abundanceNext up: affirmations for success and abundance

Affirmations for Success and Abundance

Perhaps the thing you’re seeking most in your life isn’t money or material abundance.

Maybe what you’re truly seeking is personal success.

Make one of these affirmations your personal mantra and watch success come your way!

49. I am surrounded by wealth and valuable things.

50. My personal success is necessary.

51. I am worthy of the positive changes coming my way.

52. I am proud of my past accomplishments.

53. I welcome receiving the very best life has to offer me.

54. I am seeing all my dreams come true.

55. I will freely share my abundance with others in need.

56. I already have everything I need to be successful.

57. I will not say “no” to any opportunities that come my way.

58. I welcome divine miracles into my life.

59. It’s safe for me to make and spend money.

60. I will receive and accept unexpected income.

61. I am proud of the person I am today.

62. I am both loveable and loving.

63. I will align my thinking and my actions to achieve success.

64. Having more will allow me to do more good.

65. I want happiness and I will not run away from it.

66. I am authentic and there’s no one else like me.

67. It’s okay for me to have everything I want.

68. I deserve respect from everyone around me.

69. I love money and money loves me.

70. I am the master of my prosperity.

71. I can handle all the good things that are coming my way.

72. I allow success and abundance to find me now.

73. I do not feel guilty about having an abundance.

74. I am at peace with my hard-earned success.

75. I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.

Abundance mindset affirmationsLast but not least, here’s a set of abundance mindset affirmations to get your head in the right place for success.

Abundance Mindset Affirmations

Do you need some help getting into the right mindset?

Try on these affirmations for size and get ready to attract abundance, happiness, and prosperity into your life.

76. I believe in myself.

77. I live an abundant life.

78. I constantly attract new opportunities to become abundant.

79. I will make money doing what I love.

80. I’m moving from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset.

81. I am supported in everything I do.

82. All my dreams are coming true.

83. I am happy to give what is best for all.

84. I choose not to worry about the unknown.

85. My thoughts are united with an abundance of positive energy.

86. All of the love, wealth, and happiness I desire is on its way to me right now.

87. I will achieve greatness.

88. I am a beautiful person, inside and out.

89. I am always prepared to share my gifts with the world.

90. I choose to forgive myself and love myself.

91. I invite creativity and the unexpected into my life.

92. I can overcome all current and future obstacles.

93. I am proud of both who I am today and who I will be in the future.

94. Today I am grateful for my body because…

95. Today I am grateful for my mind because…

96. I am worthy of being loved.

97. My thoughts and actions will align to create abundance.

98. I have made it this far and I will keep going.

99. I will be true to myself.

100. Every day I will become a little bit richer.

101. Abundance is my birthright.

Wondering how to choose an affirmation for abundance? This section should help…

Tips for Choosing Abundance Affirmations

Hopefully, some of these affirmations for abundance really resonated with you.

But what if none of the suggestions listed above describes exactly how you feel or what you want? The solution’s simple:

Write your own affirmation for abundance, success, and everything else you hope to attract to your life!

Here are some tips to help you find the right words.

Give Yourself a Command

You may notice that most of the affirmations listed above begin with a phrase like “I am” or “I will.”

These powerful words are commands you’re giving your subconscious self to work with.

What’s the result?

Your mind interprets the words as something it must do. Speak to yourself as if the command is already done and the results are already achieved.

Use Positive Speech

It’s easy to dwell on the negative.

The problem is that negative thoughts don’t often lead to action, and they rarely help you achieve your goals.

Focus on turning those negative thoughts into positive ones.

For example, rather than thinking, “Don’t close yourself off from earning more money,” try thinking, “I am open to making more money.”

Choose Specific Goals

Most importantly, your affirmations for abundance must be unique to your life.

Don’t worry about what your friends, colleagues, or the media tells you — what is it that you want the most?

You also need to think beyond the obvious.

After all, most of us want to be happier and wealthier.

Try to think of a specific goal that has meaning to you, such as, “I want to make more money to take better care of my family.”

You might also narrow your focus to a particular problem, belief, or behaviour you’re struggling with.

Affirmations on abundanceIn this final section, let’s take a look at how and when to use affirmations on abundance each day!

How to Use Affirmations of Abundance

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect affirmations for you, how should you use them?

Many people repeat their positive affirmations aloud.

Others write theirs down on a sticky note and place it on their bathroom mirror, their work desk, or another highly-visible area.

Here are some times when you can read or recite your affirmations:

  • First thing in the morning
  • When you feel your confidence wavering
  • When you feel nervous, anxious, or stressed
  • When your self-esteem needs a boost
  • Before an important task, meeting, or deadline
  • When you’re struggling to start or complete a project
  • When you’re trying to overcome a bad habit
  • When you’re analyzing and setting personal goals
  • Before you go to sleep at night

For the best results, try to repeat your affirmation many times throughout the day.

You might consider setting a notification on your phone or computer to remind you!

The Right Affirmation for Abundance in Your Life

If you ask any highly successful person, chances are they didn’t achieve their success by accident.

Many people have used affirmations for abundance to bring prosperity into their lives, and you can too.

Start by using some of the abundance affirmations listed above, or use our tips to write your own.

Repeat them several times a day, instilling the belief that you are worth it and you will be successful.

The more you do so, the greater your chances of achieving your goals!

Would you like more advice about how to become healthy, wealthy, and wise?

This article’s just the tip of the iceberg! Keep browsing the site for more great affirmations, quotes, and lifestyle advice.

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