90 Super Positive Affirmations for Losing Weight

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Each year, millions of people set the goal of losing weight as a New Year’s resolution.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have given up on our resolutions within a few weeks!

In fact, January 19th is officially known as “Quitter’s Day” in some places.

What about you?

Are you struggling to stick with your weight loss goals?

Do you need some extra motivation to keep going and achieve your dream of a thinner, healthier you?

Well, why not try some positive affirmations for losing weight?

If you’re new to the concept, this post should help you out.

In it, I’m going to share 90 inspirational weight loss affirmations you can start using today, alongside some tips on how to use losing weight affirmations and how to create your own!

Ready to get started? Keep reading!

Weight loss affirmationsHere we go then: a long list of weight loss affirmations to help you shed those unwanted pounds! But first, a definition…

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What Are Weight Loss Affirmations?

First of all, what is an affirmation?

Think of it as a personal mantra designed to help you stay motivated.

It’s a short, powerful statement you repeat often (silently or out loud) to help you focus on a specific goal. Affirmations also help you to replace negative, defeatist thoughts with positive, empowering ones.

And does it work?


Researchers explain that the repetition of these thoughts gradually embeds them in the subconscious mind. Over time, they become more and more believable to the person.

As negative thoughts fade away, the individual should become more confident, more positive, and better able to achieve their goals.

Affirmations on weight lossWith the defintition down, here are 90 memorable affirmations on weight loss to try this year!

90 Positive Affirmations for Losing Weight

Now that you understand what affirmations are, let’s look at some examples. Here’s a long list of daily affirmations for weight loss you can use to stay focused and motivated.

1. I am creating a healthy body that I enjoy living in.

2. I believe in myself and I believe in my ability to succeed.

3. I love myself for who I am inside and out.

4. I am active, healthy, and full of energy.

5. I am able to release extra weight easily.

6. I love living a healthy lifestyle.

7. I choose to eat foods that nourish and strengthen my body.

8. I accept my body’s shape and its beauty.

9. I love my body just the way it is.

10. I acknowledge that my life is more interesting than my next meal.

11. I am actively listening to my body and what it wants from me.

12. I love being physically fit and capable.

13. I am making small changes and each day it becomes easier.

14. I am in control of my health and my future.

15. I pause and evaluate before I give in to any cravings.

16. I am patient with myself and my body.

17. I am transforming my body, my mind, and my lifestyle.

18. I am gentle and forgiving of myself and with other people.

19. I deserve good health.

20. I love myself.

21. I am moving closer to my goal weight each day.

22. I am not aiming for perfection, just striving to do better.

23. I let go of unhealthy behaviours related to food.

24. Today I choose to heal and nourish my body.

25. I choose to eat healthy foods that make me feel good.

26. I accept my past and I know I have a bright, happy future.

27. I am content, happy, and fulfilled with my life right now, as it is.

28. I am aligned with the best version of myself.

29. I am grateful to have a body that is capable of movement and activity.

30. I am not afraid to say “no” when it’s the right thing to do.

Losing weight affirmationsLosing weight affirmations could imbue you with the inspiration and self-belief required to achieve your weight loss goals.

31. I give myself permission to make wise choices for the greater good.

32. I am capable of incredible discipline and self-control.

33. I can and I will.

34. I love the way I feel when I exercise.

35. I accept and love the body I’ve been blessed with.

36. I value self-control over self-indulgence and impulsive behaviours.

37. I am taking good care of my body and mind.

38. I understand that what others say or do does not matter.

39. I let go of relationships that are toxic for me.

40. I have the courage to change things that have not worked in the past.

41. I am worthy of having a body I love.

42. I choose to be positive and surround myself with positive people.

43. I release all negativity that resides in my mind.

44. I am allowed to feel good about being myself.

45. I feel hopeful about the future and what it holds for me.

46. I am getting stronger and healthier every day.

47. I look forward to achieving my ideal weight.

48. I am grateful for my body and all it allows me to do.

49. I acknowledge my greatness and my ability to succeed.

50. I can conquer this challenge.

51. I accept myself for exactly who I am today.

52. I choose the foods I eat with integrity and intention.

53. I enjoy mindful eating.

54. I have what it takes to reach my goal weight.

55. I wake up each day determined to take good care of myself.

56. Success is inevitable.

57. I resist temptation and I strengthen my mastery over myself.

58. Today I make healthy choices for myself.

59. I am on my own journey and I do not compare myself with others.

60. I overcome any obstacles in my path.

Daily affirmations for weight lossStill searching for some daily affirmations for weight loss? I hope the next 30 do the trick!

61. I am strong enough to withstand any setbacks.

62. I understand that a bump in the road does not mean defeat.

63. I can easily manage any food cravings.

64. I am healthy, fit, and full of energy.

65. I know that my thoughts are just thoughts.

66. I choose not to overeat.

67. I have full control over my eating habits.

68. Today I choose to prioritise my health.

69. I can only do one thing at a time.

70. Today I will be fully present in each moment.

71. I exercise because it makes me feel amazing.

72. I challenge my existing beliefs.

73. My vitality increases with each breath I take.

74. Every day it becomes easier to achieve my weight loss goals.

75. I think before I eat.

76. I choose progress over perfection.

77. I am outdoors enjoying nature and fresh air.

78. Everything I put in my mouth nourishes my body and mind.

79. Today I am one step closer to attaining my goal.

80. I am capable of figuring things out.

81. I enjoy every bite of food that I eat.

82. Healthy weight loss comes naturally to me.

83. My will to live is stronger than any food craving.

84. I feel confident, healthy, and strong.

85. I enjoy the feeling of moving my body and feeling my heart pump.

86. I have full control over everything I do.

87. I am the type of person who can eat mindfully.

88. I crave whole foods and healthy vegetables.

89. I let go of any guilt I have surrounding food.

90. I am walking a lifelong path of wellness.

Affirmations for weight lossWant to create your own affirmations for weight loss? Check out these tips…

How to Create Your Own Losing Weight Affirmations

Are you feeling inspired just reading this list of affirmations?

Hopefully, you were able to jot down a few to adopt as your own!

But what if none of the suggestions above resonated exactly with what you’re feeling? To find the perfect affirmation for you, why not write your own?

Don’t worry — it’s not as scary as you might think.

Follow the steps listed below and you’ll be able to craft your own powerful weight loss affirmations.

1. Use the Words “I Am”

You may have noticed that most of the affirmations mentioned above begin with the words “I am.”

That’s not a coincidence!

Although it’s great to think about the future, affirmations help to put you (mentally and emotionally) where you want to be.

Statements such as “I will” or “I want” can have the opposite effect, reminding you that you haven’t yet achieved your goal.

2. Write in the Present Tense

Positive affirmations are designed to help you feel good about yourself here and now.

For that reason, you should always write in the present tense.

Tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you do look amazing, and that you are good enough. Even if you don’t feel that way right now, the affirmations will start to embed themselves in your subconscious.

Eventually, you’ll start to believe them – and you’ll be that much more motivated to stick with your goals.

Weight loss affirmationsTip #3 for writing affirmations for losing weight: focus on the goal.

3. Focus on What You Want (Not What You Don’t Want)

We’re all creatures of habit.

Experts estimate that 95% of our daily thoughts are repetitive and up to 80% of them have a negative slant.

This means it’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of our weight.

“I don’t want to have health weight-related health issues” may seem like a positive thought, but it’s actually keeping your mind in a negative space.

Instead, put a positive spin on that thought such as, “I enjoy good health every day,” or, “I look as great as I feel.”

Always keep the focus on the things you want rather than things you hope to avoid.

4. Make It about YOU

No doubt one of your motivations for losing weight is to improve your health and have more energy to devote to your family and loved ones.

These are terrific goals and there’s not a thing wrong with having them.

However, as you craft your losing weight affirmations, try to keep the focus on you.

Make it about yourself, not someone else.

If possible, include words or phrases that focus on gratitude.

Why are you thankful for your body, your mind, and your health? What does it allow you to do that gives you a true sense of satisfaction?

5. Make It Simple, Brief, and Dynamic

You’re not writing a high school essay or a thesis.

Affirmations should be short, sweet, and to the point.

They should be easy enough to remember and short enough to write on a sticky note.

Try to include at least one “power” word that makes you feel inspired and emotional (in a good way).

Think of words like “strength,” “confidence,” “ability,” or “control.”

Remember: You’re not a victim.

You’re using these positive affirmations for losing weight to empower yourself to reach those goals!

Positive affirmations to lose weightLast but not least, here are a few thoughts on how to use positive affirmations to lose weight to get the most value from them each day!

How to Use Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss

Now, here’s the million-dollar question:

What should you do with those weight loss affirmations you just wrote down?

Ideally, you want to repeat these affirmations many times a day.

You could recite them in the morning before you get up, at night before you go to sleep, or anytime you’re dealing with a tempting or stressful situation.

You may choose to repeat your affirmations silently, out loud, or in front of a mirror.

Some people have had success writing their affirmations on sticky notes and posting them in a highly visible place.

Others physically write their affirmations over and over again. Why?

Research shows that writing down your goals increases your chances of achieving them!

How you do it isn’t as important as getting into the habit of doing it.

Aim to repeat your affirmations at least 5-10 times a day, or even more if you feel like it.

Reach Your Goals With These Affirmations on Weight Loss

Losing weight – and keeping it off – can be a huge challenge.

Know the struggle? Well, why not try some of these positive affirmations for losing weight?

As we discussed above, motivation comes from within.

Reciting positive weight loss affirmations every day could help keep you on the right track.

Combined with your specific diet and exercise goals, you can lose that extra weight and start feeling amazing (inside and out).

Speaking of feeling amazing, would you like some more positive affirmations to help you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser? How about general lifestyle advice to help you better manage your career, your finances, and your personal life?

That’s what this website’s all about, so stick around and read some of the other helpful articles in the health section.

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