125 Awesome Positive Affirmations for Friends [Best Friendship Affirmations]

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Did you know that the average person in Britain has fewer best friends (2.6 on average) than people in other nations?

Is it a similar story for you?

Are you frustrated with your ability to make new friends (or keep old ones)?

Do you feel like you could use a few more close friends in your life?

If you answered yes, then a) you’re not alone and b) some positive affirmations for friends might help.

Far from just a feel-good mantra, friendship affirmations can have real power to affect your life — for the better!

But what are affirmations for friendship, exactly?

And how can you choose and use affirmations for friends in your daily life?

Keep reading for these answers and much more, including 125 of the best positive affirmations for friends to start using today.

Positive affirmations about friendshipHere we go then: 125 super positive affirmations about friendship!

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What Are Friendship Affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive thought that replaces a negative one.

Whether we have a lot of friends or only a few, it can be easy to dwell on negative thoughts.

We might find ourselves thinking, “I wish I lived closer to my best friend,” or, “It’s really hard for me to make new friends.”

While there might be some truth behind these thoughts, filling your mind with negative, self-sabotaging thoughts like these will hardly inspire you to action.

Rather, you’re resigning yourself to unhappiness and the belief that things will not (or cannot) change.

So then, how you can turn things around?

In part, by adopting some positive affirmations for friends.

For example, rather than thinking about how far away your best friend lives, you can think about how grateful you are to have their love and support.

And rather than focusing on the challenge of making new friends, you can think about the qualities you have that make you a good friend.

The more you repeat these positive thoughts — silently, aloud, or by writing them down — the easier it will be to believe them.

And the more you believe in them (and start taking action accordingly), the sooner you’ll see their positive effects flowing into your life.

Affirmations for friendsLet’s kick off this list with some of my favourite positive affirmations for friends…

My Favourite Positive Affirmations for Friends

Now that we’ve defined friendship affirmations, let’s look at some examples. Read these aloud and see which ones resonate with you!

1. I am a terrific friend.

2. I feel safe when I’m with my friends and family.

3. I am surrounded by the love of my friends.

4. My friends give me joy by making me laugh.

5. I believe that people enjoy being friends with me.

6. I feel happy when my friends are beside me.

7. My best friends are the best company I could ever ask for.

8. I feel a deep connection with my friends.

9. I enjoy the company of my close friends.

10. Each of my friends is special in their own way.

11. I remain loyal to my friends and they remain loyal to me.

12. Other people enjoy my company.

13. I encourage my friends and they encourage me.

14. My circle of friends is growing every day.

15. I have friends who support me in everything I do.

16. I can rely on my friends for emotional support.

17. I love that my friends are fun people.

18. I get along well with everybody I meet.

19. I have beautiful and fulfilling friendships.

20. I love to laugh with my friends.

21. Others like me because I’m an interesting person.

22. I genuinely admire my friends.

23. I enjoy an intimate relationship with my closest friends.

24. I remain confident and calm when I speak to a group of people.

25. I am worthy of having good friends in my life.

26. I am happy to make a new friend each day.

27. I attract only the most positive and upbeat people into my life.

28. I only hang around people who won’t bring me down.

29. Loving myself allows me to love my friends.

30. I thank my friends for being themselves.

31. I love and appreciate my neighbours.

32. I am good enough for my friends to love me.

33. I am thankful that my friends allow me to be myself.

34. I believe that everyone knows I’m a good person.

35. My best friend will never let me down.

36. I talk to my friends about anything and everything.

37. I will be there for my friends whenever they need me.

38. I strive to be supportive and honest with each of my friends.

39. I cherish each of my closest friends and the value they bring to my life.

40. I choose friends who empower me.

41. I choose friends who are goal-oriented and determined to succeed.

42. I rely on my friends and they rely on me.

43. My friendships are mutually beneficial.

44. I deserve to have only amazing people as my close friends.

45. I attract beautiful souls into my life.

46. I invite new friends to cross my path.

47. I put out positive energy that attracts positive energy.

48. I only meet people who are warm, genuine, and friendly.

49. I make connections with people easily.

50. I always bring out the best in others.

Affirmations for friendshipNext up, some affirmations for friendship that are nice and inspiring in nature!

Inspiring Affirmations for Friendship

51. I choose only the best people to become friends with.

52. I am happy to talk to anyone in the room.

53. My friends are a source of happiness and joy in my life.

54. I let go of toxic relationships and the bad feelings that come with them.

55. I fully trust everyone in my social circle.

56. I can tell my friends everything because I trust them.

57. My friends are one of the most important parts of my life.

58. I protect myself from negative and harmful influences.

59. I deserve to have only fulfilling, positive friendships.

60. I enjoy choosing my close friends.

61. My circle of friends is strong and loyal.

62. I make friends easily because I am kind and caring.

63. I feel confident when I talk to new people.

64. I am good enough to have solid, long-lasting friendships.

65. I welcome new friends into my life every day.

66. Every one of my friends is beautiful in their own way.

67. I am always loyal to my friends and they know they can count on me.

68. I love my friends even though they are imperfect.

69. My friends love me even though I am imperfect.

70. I share deep connections with the people closest to me.

71. My friends feel comfortable enough to be themselves with me.

72. I feel comfortable enough to be myself with my friends.

73. My friends are here for me on the darkest days.

74. Lasting friendships come easily to me.

75. I must love myself before I can love my friends.

76. I have the right to choose only beneficial relationships.

77. I will always meet the right person at the right time.

78. Each friend that I have comes into my life for a reason.

79. I attract genuinely nice people.

80. Every single one of my friends brings me joy.

81. I can always be honest with my friends and trust them to be honest with me.

82. I get the energy I need from spending time with my friends.

83. My purpose is to bring comfort and support to all my friends.

84. I choose friends who inspire me to be a better person.

85. I feel truly loved and supported by my friends.

86. I will cherish memories of my friends for the rest of my life.

87. I am grateful for every new friend I make.

88. I open my heart to new people and meaningful connections.

89. I am a magnet for positive people and true friendships.

90. I build only healthy, beneficial relationships with other people.

Hunting for some affirmations to make lasting best friends? This final section could do the trick…

New & Lasting Best Friend Affirmations

91. I am ready to make new friends.

92. I am ready and able to attract the perfect friends into my life.

93. I am selective when choosing my closest friends.

94. I feel comfortable meeting new people.

95. Positive people will enter my life today.

96. I make new friends naturally and easily.

97. I attract beautiful people into my world.

98. I highly value all my friends, both old and new.

99. Good people cross my path every day.

100. I attract only positive people into my life.

101. I deserve to be happy and have a large circle of friends.

102. I feel comfortable sharing who I am with other people.

103. Making new friends comes easily to me.

104. I choose my friends very wisely.

105. I make friends who are beautiful inside and out.

106. It’s effortless for me to find and make new friends.

107. I choose to leave behind all toxic people and relationships.

108. I love and accept my friends just the way they are.

109. I set healthy, balanced boundaries with all my friends.

110. All people are great and I choose to believe in them.

111. My circle of friends will grow and expand forever.

112. There is always room for one more loyal friend.

113. I share the same values and morals as my friends.

114. I see opportunities to make new friends everywhere I go.

115. I am excited by the prospect of making new friends.

116. I attract like-minded people into my world.

117. Having a best friend is the best feeling ever.

118. I always find something to talk to my friends about.

119. I strive to be a supportive friend at all times.

120. My friends make me a better person.

121. I can say no to my friends without hurting their feelings.

122. I value the companionship of all my friends, old and new.

123. I make new memories with my friends every day.

124. I welcome like-minded individuals into my life.

125. I know exactly what to look for in my new best friend.

Friendship affirmationsBut how should you use these friendship affirmations to full effect? Here are a few tips that might help…

How to Use These Affirmations for Friends

You probably noticed that these affirmations focus on positive speech and specific goals.

Many also include command words like “I will” or “I am.”

This all sounds great in theory, but how do you actually use these affirmations for friendship?

Here are some good times to review your affirmations:

  • When you wake up in the morning
  • While you’re getting ready for work
  • While you’re commuting to work or school
  • When you feel nervous or anxious
  • When you feel lonely or discouraged
  • When you feel disappointed in yourself
  • When you feel disappointed by others
  • When you’re struggling to overcome a challenge
  • When you lack self-confidence
  • When you’re setting new goals
  • When you’re plagued by doubts or insecurities
  • When you’re getting ready to go to sleep

When it comes to affirmations, quantity helps. The trick is to repeat them often — dozens or even hundreds of times per day!

Some people recite their affirmations aloud, perhaps while standing in front of a mirror.

Others write theirs down and keep them somewhere highly visible so they’ll see them many times throughout the day. You could even set a notification on your computer or phone to automatically remind you of your affirmations.

Even if it feels silly or strange at first, stick with it. Pick a few affirmations for friends that resonate with you.

Dig deep and be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to open up to new people and new experiences. Maintain a positive attitude and be patient.

Over time, you’re sure to see the positive benefits of including these daily affirmations in your life!

Try These Positive Affirmations for Friends Today

Whether you have a lot of close friends or just a few, you’re undoubtedly interested in inviting more good people into your world.

With these positive affirmations for friends, that’s exactly the result you’ll get.

Choose a few suggestions above or create your own affirmations for friendship. Then repeat them daily, believe in their power, and wait for the results to happen!

Good friendships aren’t the only thing you need to become healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Keep perusing the site for more inspirational affirmations, quotes, captions, and much more. These 145 social media hashtags for friends could be a good place to start!

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