145 Awesome Get to Know You Questions for Teens

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Adults struggle to connect with their teens for a host of reasons.

There’s an inevitable cultural disconnect, for instance.

Teens watch shows and movies their parents don’t find interesting, listen to music their parents don’t like, and so on.

The pandemic didn’t help either. It added stress to parent-teen relationships because it put pressure on adolescents that no one had experienced before.

Plus, many teens simply become less communicative. They’re with their friends as often as possible and on their phones constantly at home.

Don’t worry though!

While you can’t overcome all of these issues, you can certainly deploy some get to know you questions for teens to help you strike up a conversation.

Not sure where to start?

Keep reading for 145 questions you can try out on the teens in your life.

Getting to know you questions for teensHere we go, then: 145 awesome getting to know you questions for teens!

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Silly Icebreaker Questions for Teens

1. If you had to live as a plant, what would it be?

2. Are you more like deer or an eggplant?

3. What’s the first thing you’d do in a zombie apocalypse?

4. What is the strangest food you ever ate?

5. What emoji could you never give up?

6. What song would you pick to do a ridiculous TikTok dance video to?

7. Which is better: getting a free taco or getting a new book?

8. If you had a podcast, who would you pick as your first guest?

9. If you could change the world in one way to make it funnier, what would you change?

10. What kind of pasta would you pick as a weapon?

Would You Rather Teen Icebreaker Questions

11. Would you rather kiss a tiger or punch a wolf?

12. Would you rather play soccer with Bigfoot or have a sleepover with Dracula?

13. Would you rather fight Cap’n Crunch or Mr. Peanut?

14. (For boys) Would you rather be Wolverine or Batman?

15. (For girls) Would you rather be Wonder Woman or Black Widow?

16. Would you rather be a chicken on a farm or a puppy at a shelter?

17. Would you rather become an unknown chef or a famous food show host who can’t cook?

18. Would you rather become a writer or an astronaut?

19. Would you rather hang out with your least favorite teacher for three hours and get paid $50 or hang out with your friends for three hours but have to pay $50?

20. Would you rather eat your least favorite food or mow the lawn?

Icebreaker for teensNext up: some lighthearted icebreaker for teens to spark conversation.

Fun Getting to Know You Questions for Teens

21. Who is your favorite fictional hero?

22. If you could live in any TV show, which one would you pick?

23. What book could you read over and over again?

24. If you could try out any career for a day, what career would you pick?

25. If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, what game would pick?

26. What animal would you most like as a pet?

27. Where would go if you could go anywhere on earth instantly?

28. What is the best sport?

29. What species would you bring back from extinction?

30. What kinds of things do you do in your daydreams?

Internet-Related Icebreaker Questions for High Schoolers

31. Are GIFs cringe or cool?

32. Do you prefer Instagram, TikTok, or something else? Why?

33. Do you have a favorite Twitch streamer?

34. If you launched a website, what would it be about?

35. If you had a pick a favorite, which meme would it be?

36. Streaming audio or old-school vinyl?

37. Do you prefer online gaming or consoles?

38. Email or Snapchat?

39. Do you prefer binge-watching new series or watching weekly?

40. If you could be like any online personality, who would you pick?

Icebreaker questions for high school studentsHunting for icebreaker questions for high school students? The next section should help!

Icebreaker Questions for Teenagers about School

41. Is there a subject in school that you like the most?

42. What teacher do you like the best at your school?

43. Are you involved in any clubs right now?

44. If you could pick any club to join, what club would you pick?

45. Do you play any sports at your school?

46. Is there a subject that you wish your school offered?

47. Do you think you’ll head straight to college after high school?

48. Do you have a college in mind that you want to attend?

49. If you could attend any college without worrying about the cost, where would you go?

50. Do you have a major in mind for college?

Food Icebreaker Questions for Teenagers

51. If there was only one kind of food left on earth, what would you want it to be?

52. Do you have a favorite kind of birthday cake?

53. Potato chips or pretzels for a snack?

54. What is the best kind of fruit?

55. What is your favorite meal that your mom or dad makes?

56. If you’re picking a restaurant to eat at, where do you go?

57. Hamburgers and fries or pizza and wings?

58. If you could learn to cook just one meal, what are you learning to make?

59. Do you have a favorite celebrity chef?

60. What is the best kind of dessert?

Some of the best teen icebreaker questions revolve around their future selves!

Future-Self Teen Icebreaker Questions

61. Do you think you’ll have kids one day?

62. Do you want to start your own business one day or work for someone else?

63. Would you rather live in an apartment or a house?

64. Do you want to go into an artistic field of work?

65. Do you want a job in or near the same place where you grew up?

66. If the opportunity to learn a trade presented itself, would you take it?

67. Do you see yourself living in a city or out in the country?

68. What kind of impact do you want to have on the world?

69. Is a career important or just having a job that makes enough to live comfortably?

70. What hobbies do you think you’ll still do in five or ten years?

Would You Rather Teen Icebreaker Questions, Part 2

71. Would you rather go scuba diving or skydiving?

72. Would you rather visit Disneyland or the Eiffel Tower?

73. Would you rather ride a camel or an elephant?

74. Would you rather be super rich and unhappy or not rich and happy?

75. Would you rather be famous on YouTube or Instagram?

76. Would you rather eat a cricket or be nice to someone you hate?

77. Would you rather babysit your siblings for one night or take out the trash for a month?

78. Would you rather do your homework or watch videos from the family vacation?

79. Would you rather do 100 jumping jacks or watch paint dry?

80. Would you rather read a boring book or play a boring video game?

Questions for teenagersWant some sport-related questions for teenagers? Here are 10 that might do the trick:

Sports Icebreaker Questions for Teens

81. What is your favorite sport from anywhere in the world?

82. Do you have a favorite team?

83. If you could meet any living athlete, who would you pick?

84. If you could meet any athlete from any time, who would you pick?

85. What sport would you most like to master?

86. Do you watch the Olympics and, if so, what is your favorite event?

87. If you could play a sport in another country, what sport and what country would you pick?

88. Do you think all high schools should have intramural sports?

89. Since colleges make money from sports, should college athletes get paid?

90. Are professional athletes overpaid for what they do?

Hobby Icebreaker Questions for Teenagers

91. What kind of hobbies do you enjoy?

92. Is there a hobby that you want to try but haven’t yet?

93. Do any of your friends have hobbies you don’t understand?

94. Are you willing to try out other people’s hobbies?

95. Are there any hobbies out there that you never want to try? Why not?

96. Do you consider art and music to be hobbies or passions?

97. Do you know anyone who does amateur filmmaking as a hobby?

98. If money was no object, what expensive hobby would you take up?

99. Do you collect anything as a hobby?

100. Do you have a secret hobby that you don’t share with anyone?

Icebreaker questions for teensEntertainment-related icebreaker questions for teens tend to go down a treat!

Icebreaker Questions for Teenagers about Entertainment

101. Who is your favorite movie actor or actress?

102. What movie is your all-time favorite?

103. Who is your favorite TV actor or actress?

104. What is your all-time Favorite TV show?

105. Do you have a favorite band or group?

106. What is your favorite type of music?

107. What songs are in your favorite playlist?

108. Are there bands or performers you don’t listen to anymore?

109. Do you still go to the movie theater?

110. Do you prefer attending live concerts or streaming live music performances?

Dating Icebreaker Questions for High Schoolers

111. Do you prefer going on a one-on-one date or going out as a group?

112. Where is your favorite place to take someone on a date?

113. Do you want dates to feel romantic?

114. Do you ask your dates questions about themselves?

115. What’s your favorite thing about the last person you took on a date?

116. Is there anywhere you wouldn’t ever take a date?

117. Do you tell your friends when you’re dating someone?

118. Do you like casually hanging out over going on “a date?”

119. Do you discuss your plans with your date ahead of time to see if they like the idea?

120. Is dating just an old-fashioned idea?

Icebreakers for teensTime to get personal! Here are 10 icebreakers for teens that’ll really help you get to know them.

Personal Teen Icebreaker Questions

121. Do you consider anyone to be your hero?

122. If you could meet your hero, would you?

123. What is your number one fear in the world?

124. Are you the same person online as you are in real life?

125. What is the thing you are most proud of?

126. If you could magically change just one thing about yourself, what would you change?

127. If you could give your best friend anything, what would you give them?

128. What foreign countries would you like to visit?

129. Do you speak another language?

130. If you could only be good at one of them, would you pick music or math?

Would You Rather Teen Icebreaker Questions, Part 3

131. Would you rather start your own business or write a book?

132. Would you rather travel to space or climb a mountain?

133. Would you rather meet the president or the Dalai Lama?

134. Would you rather own ten cats or have to keep a goat in the house?

135. Would you rather watch The Golden Girls with your friends or your favorite show with your parents?

136. Would you rather participate in a pie-eating contest or a hot-dog eating contest?

137. Would you rather be internationally famous or staggeringly wealthy?

138. Would you rather star in a movie or record an album?

139. Would you rather learn how to ski or learn how to surf?

140. Would you rather be a doctor or a lawyer?

Icebreaker questions for teenagersLast but not least, here are 5 miscellaneous icebreaker questions for teenagers!

Random Getting to Know You Questions for Teens

141. What song defines you?

142. If you had to live in the world inside a painting, what painting would you choose?

143. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stranded with there with you?

144. What moment in history would you like to visit?

145. If you could know the answer to any question, what would the question be?

Start Connecting with Teens

Connecting with teens can be challenging, to say the least.

After all, teens are often reluctant to share information – especially with their “boring” or “embarrassing” parents or teachers!

As an adult, you need some kind of path in, and “get to know you questions for teens” can provide it.

I hope the questions above will get you started! However, you’ll need to tailor the questions for the teen in your home. Just make sure you start with some of the softball questions to get the process moving!

For more insights on a similar topic, check out this list of all the moods your teenager might be experiencing.

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