10 Lines on Importance of Trees to Our Life and Wellbeing

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Imagine a life without trees.

No forests, no woodland, no shade in your backyard. There’d be no kids’ treehouses, climbing trees in the local park, or swinging from ropes into rivers.

Life would be immeasurably worse. We’d be effected in profound and irreparable ways. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we’d suffer the loss.

That’s one reason why current rates of deforestation in the world are so scary/staggering.

We’ve now chopped down 17% of the entire Amazon rainforest. Get rid of much more, and, according to the same source, we risk turning it into a savannah.

Still question the importance of trees?

Well, I thought I’d put together a quick 10 lines on importance of trees in life.

It’s my hope that it’ll play a small role in changing peoples’ treatment and perceptions of these beautiful, vital, and life-giving parts of the world.

Keep reading for 10 lines on the importance of trees in life and throughout history.

1. Trees Play an Essential Role in the Environment

The environment without trees is hard to imagine.

And not just from a visual perspective.

Trees are so vital to the wellbeing of the environment at large that their loss would reap (and is reaping) overwhelming devastation.

Here are just a few of their functions:

  • They produce oxygen (more on this later),
  • They absorb rainwater and store it for later,
  • Their roots help hold the earth in place (take them away an expect mudslides and slips in abundance),
  • They lower the temperature of the air,
  • They provide shelter from high winds,
  • They absorb harmful chemicals/pollutants in the air, and
  • They support endless ecosystems (large and small).

It’s hard to overstate the role of trees in our environment. Taking them away comes cost at an unspeakable cost to the world.

2. Trees are the Natural Habitat of Countless Animals

Trees aren’t just pretty to look at.

They’re the natural habitat of countless varieties of animals. Birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals all call trees their home.

Getting rid of the trees means there’s no-where for these animals to live.

Unable to adapt, they soon struggle to survive. All too many species are under threat at the hands of deforestation. It’s like somebody coming along one day and bulldozing your house! You wouldn’t be happy about it, and neither are the animals.

Lose the trees, lose the wildlife.

With it goes the natural, wonderful, mind-blowing biodiversity of the world.

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The importance of trees is impossible to overstate. We have them to thank for the air in our lungs!The importance of trees is impossible to overstate. We have them to thank for the air in our lungs!

3. Trees Create the Oxygen that Makes Air Breathable

Without trees, there would be no humans.

It’s as simple as that.

Looking for evidence of the importance of trees? Then this is it. Get rid of too many trees and there will not be enough oxygen to go around. Trees soak up carbon dioxide, product oxygen, and improve air quality in general.

Our need for trees isn’t up for debate. They’re fundamental to our very survival.

4. Trees Have Life-Enhancing Medicinal Properties

As we’ve just seen, trees are life-giving in nature.

Without them, we literally wouldn’t be able to survive.

And they play a life-enhancing role as well! Indeed, they’re used in the creation of essential chemicals and medicines too. Aspirin, for example, is made with salicylic acid, which can be found in tree bark.

Think about the willow trees as well. The bark of these iconic trees, with their dropping canopy, has been used to treat numerous ailments throughout history.

Time and time again you find trees as a source of healing and medicine.

5. Trees Have Numerous Roles in Society

We rely on trees in other ways as well.

Think about much of the fruit you eat throughout the year, the fuel you burn in winter, and the paper on which you write. How about the table you’re sat at? The sports equipment you use? Or the house in which you live?

You’ve got trees to thank for all of it.

Tree are an amazing source of comfort from the heat of the sun.Tree are an amazing source of comfort from the heat of the sun.

6. Trees Provide Comfort and Shade from the Sun

Summer’s just around the corner.

That means lovely sunshine and warmth aren’t far away either.

But, like anything, you can have too much of a good thing. Being out and about in the heat of the day can be a challenge. Heck, what with sunstroke and sunburn to worry about, it can even be dangerous.

The shade that trees provide can be a lifeline. You can sit down beneath a tree, get out of the sun, and cool down at the same time.

7. Trees Add Beauty to Our Neighbourhoods

It’s impossible to deny the beauty of trees.

Everything from their visual qualities to the way they make you feel imbues them with beauty.

They make a neighbourhood more attractive to spend time in. The changing seasons lend fresh faces to the same trees. You watch them alter form and color as the year progresses.

Each stage through which they pass boasts in own stunning qualities.

8. Trees Add Value to Our Neighbourhoods

Trees add commercial value to your property.

For all of the reasons I’ve just mentioned (and more to come), people want to have trees around them. We get great enjoyment and personal value from close proximity to trees.

Our health improves, our mood gets a boost, and our mental wellbeing gets pushed in a positive direction all-around.

The result? People will pay more to live in properties surrounded by them!

Trees have been hugely symbolic throughout history. Every culture and civilisation has celebrated them.Trees have been hugely symbolic throughout history. Every culture and civilisation has celebrated them.

9. Trees are Hugely Symbolic and Have Great Spiritual Significance

Trees surpass their practical utility.

They’re powerful symbols of life, growth, nourishment, and resurrection. They hold an immense spiritual significance in religions and cultures around the world.

Trees have been a source of inspiration throughout history, and continue to play an influential role in society. They’ve been worked into folklore and fairy tales too.

Think of the Ents in Lord of the Rings, and the Weirwood trees in Game of Thrones.

There’s just something about them that captures the human imagination.

10. Trees Transcend Their Raw Materials

I challenge anybody to walk through a forest of Californian Redwoods and walk away unaffected.

Trees are more than just the sum of their parts. They’re not just bark, wood, leaves, and branches. They’re more than just a system of roots and canopies.

They have a transcendent quality to them.

They’re sublime, magical, and majestic. They’re like an ancient member of the family, full of silent wisdom and stories. Trees are a source of comfort! You form sentimental connections to them by virtue of being around them.

Trees hold the key to life itself. Without them, there can be no us.

Remember These 10 Lines on Importance of Trees

It’s hard to overstate the role, value, and overall importance of trees.

They play an enormous part in almost every area of life. Trees of every size and variety, all over the world, are playing a starring role in perpetuating our current way of life.

I mean, they’re the only reason we still have air in our lungs!

Hopefully, the 10 lines on importance of trees in this post have demonstrated exactly why we can’t afford to lose too many of them.

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