19 People Who Ruined Their Lives In Record Time

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Reddit users recently came together to share the stories of individuals who, in record time, managed to sabotage their own lives. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of epic fails and misguided decisions in this crash course on “how to ruin your own life,” brought to you by those who’ve been there, done that.

19. The Two For One

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“Colleague starts out great at new job, gets through probation, then gets out of control drunk at a company party. She makes out with the bosses date and hooks up with another colleague while her husband is there. Fast forward, she’s dating this colleague now and their relationship is causing disciplinary measures at work. They decide to double down and sign a new lease together anyways. She then lies about getting poached by a customer to leverage a raise and when it doesn’t work she actually has to quit. Her boyfriend then follows suit by not showing up and ghosting the company.

Now he’s a stay at home step-dad (oh, did I mention she has 3 kids??) after being with this girl for 6 months and they both don’t have a job. Kind of a two for one.”

18. The Supervisor That Flirted With The New Employee

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“A coworker sent an explicit text to a new Hire using the company comms system. She pretended to be interested and then reported him, with a very long thread as proof. Dude was married, with kids, a supervisor.

Now: Divorced, kids hate him, works a low level job.”

17. The Teenager Who Drove Drunk

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“A high school friend drove drunk and killed the local doctor of a small town. Last I heard, he was still in prison.”

16. The Workers Turned Addicts

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“The construction-to-amphetamines pipeline. I’ve seen two very good and competent men fall to absolute ruin in the space of four months because of this.”

15. The Lawyer Who Went to Prison

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“My lawyer took out a loan forging my signature. He’s doing 15 years in federal prison. I would have given him the $5000. His kid was very sick and I would have gladly helped him out.”

14. The Pastor Who Fell For a Love Scam

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“My father-in-law is 65. Was married to his wife for 37 years and has 3 daughters. The picture-perfect family from the outside looking in. He was well respected in his career field and was also an interim pastor/deacon at our local church. After he retired his health started to deteriorate drastically and he started drinking.

This past November we learned that he had fell for a “love scam” on Facebook and had spent his entire life savings, took out a second mortgage on his home, and opened up numerous credit cards, to send this fake person money. All in all he sent them roughly $300K…Long story short, he lost everything. His assets, his family, his health, and happiness. I would be shocked if he’s even alive a year from now.”

13. The Lawyer Who Cut Corners

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“I’m a lawyer. Another well respected lawyer in my jurisdiction was involved in an absolutely huge property settlement involving dozens upon dozens of deeds, side agreements, financial documents, yada yada yada. The whole lot (presumably involving literally a hundred or so signatures) had been signed off by her client.

In the early hours of the morning – having no doubt slaved away for untold hours getting everything ready for the settlement the next day – she must have realised that she had missed getting one signature on one minor document from her client so she faked it. I can see the pressure she was under and how she probably thought “it doesn’t matter, my client would have signed it anyway and only didn’t because they overlooked it, no one will ever notice”. Someone noticed and she went from high paid property lawyer to never being able to practice again, just like that.”

12. The Kid Who Posted Government Secrets

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“The kid in the national guard posting gov’t secrets online for internet cred.”

“I think one important thing that’s being left out about this story is that he did it ON A MINECRAFT DISCORD.”

11. The Kids Who Played With Guns

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“I watched this clip on Reddit where these two kids were posing with a gun. The girl in the video accidentally shot the boy in the head. She panicked and shot herself. That s*** changed me, it all happened so fast. I don’t think the clip was longer than 30 seconds.”

10. The Woman Who Couldn’t Remember Her Phone Number

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“I wound up having to change the number for my first real cell phone, because the previous owner of that number still kept giving it out. Apparently she had just moved, and her old job couldn’t get ahold of her to send her her last check. Her new job couldn’t get ahold of her to get her schedule. Her vet couldn’t get her to pick up her cat.

I got calls from her leasing company who needed documentation to secure her apartment. Every single day was some new way an idiot was f****** up her finances, her housing, her job, her pets, her social life…all because she couldn’t remember her new phone number. After a month, I finally got fed up and had the number changed.”

9. The Schoolgirl Who Pushed a Friend

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“A senior girl from my college pushed another girl she was friends with off a ~30 foot bridge into water as a joke, broke her neck and collarbone and she’s permanently in a wheelchair.”

8. The Basketball Player Who Hit His Head

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“The guy who got angry playing basketball and smashed his head, leaving him paralyzed.”

7. The Father Who Didn’t Wear a Helmet

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“A close friend of my best friend grabbed his eight-year-old son’s new skateboard and took off down a hill in Georgia. Hit a rock, landed on his head and had permanent brain damage. He lived years before he mercifully died. Had to be restrained the whole time because the damage made him erratic and violent. Wear a helmet!”

6. The New Employee Who Stole From the Boss

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“Arrived at work on their first day as a temp at around 10am, caught stealing the bosses wallet at 12:30, taken away by Police at 1pm.”

5. The Gambler Who Lost Everything

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“Watched a buddy spend his entire life savings betting on the Paulo Costa Vs Adesanya [UFC fight]. I begged him not to do it and he lost his and his wife’s entire 60k nest egg. She left him immediately with the kids and now he lives at his mom’s house.”

4. The Driver With Road Rage

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“I had a friend that had a promising career who got upset and went into full road rage for a woman who forgot to turn her blinker on. He slightly bumped her back bumper on the freeway causing her to lose control and flipping over and killing the driver and her two daughters…It was all caught on his car dash cam and a trucker with his own dash cam that was behind him. He is now doing 40+ years in prison.”

3. The Driver Who Drove Drunk

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“High school student, graduated at the time, drove a classmate of mine home from prom, crashed and killed classmate. Driver becomes a paraplegic, goes to prison. Gets out, driving disability-modded van, gets in another accident, and kills another woman passenger. 2nd one was a DUI, he was at fault for the first but I’m unsure if DUI.”

2. The Addict Who Won a Settlement

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“Dude I know won a 3 million dollar settlement from being hit by a car. Spent it all on heroin and was dead within 3 years. Under 30 years old…How’d he spend all that money? Sadly, he had a bunch of addict friends who he enabled. He’d “treat” them to free heroin at these lavish parties.”

1. The New Employee Who “Shared” Too Much

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“15-20 years ago, an ex worked at a dream job type of place. If you make it professionally in that field, this employer was/is the absolute peak, there is no better place to go. New guy started there, on ex’s team, right out of university. His first day he went to the company store and got ALL the gear with company’s name on it – t-shirt, hat, socks, etc – and proudly put it all on.

After work, team took the new guy out to drinks to celebrate his first day at dream job employer. New guy gets way too drunk, goes outside to smoke a cig, and then takes his p**** out and presses it up against the bar’s glass window. [His] new colleagues, all the bar’s patrons, and all their staff see…The bar calls the employer the next morning, complaining about the new guy’s antics, banning him and anyone wearing company gear. New Guy was fired before lunch, on day 2.”



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