12 Outdated Things People Refuse To Stop Using

Written By Jack Bolton

While today’s world embraces cutting-edge technology, there are 12 devices that stand as a reminder of simpler times. Join us as Reddit users explore 12 such outdated but beloved tech devices that hold a unique charm and loyal following to this day:

12. A Notepad And Pen

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“I still take a notepad and pen into every meeting.”

“My boss (in his 50s) always laughs at me, but I like having that stuff on paper. In my phone or a tablet, I’ll wind up deleting it lol.”

“If I put it on my phone I won’t ever reference it again, but if I put it on paper I’ll see it next time I open the notebook.”

11. Physical Buttons

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“Not everything needs to be touchscreen for goodness sake.”

“I feel like it’s safer to have car radios that have buttons instead of screens – it’s easier for me to push a button to change the music while keeping my eyes on the road.”

“Nothing beats tuning the volume with a knob.”

10. Adobe CS4

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“It has more functionality than I can ever use. Some of those sweet AI fills and removal tools look great in the new subscription versions but it’s my firm belief that none of them actually work properly so I am not missing out.”

“I’ve still got the disks for the first CS and Illustrator 10.”

9. “Watches That Only Tell The Time”

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“Yup, I’ve a lovely inexpensive, bombproof analog big-face Casio. Can’t wear smartwatches at work so having one would be pointless to me. Big Cas does the job.”

“I’ve had the same G-shock watch for 12 years so far. Changed the battery twice and the band once, but everything else works just fine. It’s been crushed, stepped on, left on a hot stove, I’ve worn it through multiple fights, etc. Keeps on working just fine. My coworkers need to replace their smartwatches frequently.”

8. A Calculator

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“You know – with buttons and a screen.”

“Honestly a standard scientific calculator is just easier to use than your phone’s built-in scientific calculator.”

“Yes, same for business calculators. And the calculator on my iPhone constantly asks if I want to upgrade it, implying that if I don’t pay up it might not let me know the net present value of my deal.”

“I do 10 times more errors and go 10 times slower when I try to use my phone instead of my beloved scientific calculator.”

7. Wired Earphones

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“Cheap, don’t have to charge, don’t need to worry about losing them. Bring 3.5 back for phones damn it.”

“Yep. Market is saturated with BT buds and I’ve tried several. There’s something wrong with every model I’ve tried. Either uncomfortable, drops connection, poor microphones, awful noise canceling, awful battery… Recently got a phone with 3.5mm headphone jack. Immediately bought some wired buds. Zero issues. I’m looking after this phone like it’s my second-born child.”

6. “Printers That Could Print Without A Subscription”

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“I have a Brother Color Laser that I got about 4 years ago. It’s a ******* champ.”

“That’s a thing?!?! Doesn’t surprise me that they make you pay a subscription now.”

“Old black & white HP were workhorses & I have 6 of them at work for warehouse & office people they just work. Last year one died after 8ish years of heavy daily use & we ordered the newest one & realized the whole subscription thing & ended up sending it back & ordering a used previous-gen.”

5. Nintendo GamesCube

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“Still love playing the Nintendo GameCube.”

“Never gonna stop playing Mario Party 7, SS melee, and Animal Crossing.”

“I’m gonna be 60 years old and still playing melee”

“Still currently playing Super Monkey Ball on mine. My daughter’s current favorite game.”

“Smash bros in the old folks home is gonna be lit.”

4. iPod Classic

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“iPods just have aged so well. Being offline devices (not counting touch) they’re just so perfect to this day haha.”

“I have an iPod nano (6) that I still use. it’s only 64 GB but holds like 40+ hours of music. it’s plugged into my car stereo’s USB port. I used to wear it as a wristwatch before the Apple watch came out.”

3. The DS Lite

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“I ordered a charger for my old DS lite (came out 2006) last week and damn did I miss it. The DS age of empires, old Pokémon games I’m having a blast.”

“DS Lite was peak Nintendo handheld, IMO. I collect pink Nintendo handhelds, so I have two of them. “They both still play like they’re brand new. And I loved the GBA slot so I could still play my faves like Golden Sun.”

2. PlayStation 2

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“My Sega Genesis and PlayStation 2 Slim are still pluggin along fine and still are fun.”

“I have all the Playstations, but if I were trapped on an island with only one console, PS2 would be it. So many great games that beat the **** out of what we get today, plus compatibility with the vast majority of the PS1’s amazing library.”

1. DVDs

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“DVDs. Sadly, most modern computers have no drives, so external is the only option.”

“I still had Netflix’s DVD mailing service until they ended it last month. They had a pretty good selection, and new movies would be available the same week DVDs were sold in stores.”

“I use my local library for DVDs. They have a fantastic selection of both movies and TV shows.”


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