13 Things Adults and Kids Disagree About (According to the Internet)

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It’s no secret that kids and adults often find themselves at odds, especially when it comes to bedtime, screentime, and veggies. According to the internet, there are 14 more such issues where children and adults seem to have very different views. Explore the full list below:

13. “Vacuum Cleaner.”

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“Especially when you hit a patch of crumbs and it does that crackly noise.”

“My husband said I could get my dream vacuum. I’ve reached peak adult because I have a dream vacuum.”

“100% I asked for a cleaning service to come do a deep clean for a bday present. Living the dream! (Seriously)”

13. “Leftovers.”

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“This is my first pick too. When I was a kid, I HATED leftovers. Now, it’s like “ooh, I don’t have to figure out dinner for tonight!”

“I love leftover night. Had a bunch of different leftovers in the fridge a couple nights ago. We let the kids pick which they wanted, we had what we wanted, and no cooking beyond the microwave required.”

12. “Spending time with parents.”

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“This for sure. U get older and realize the only ppl in this world that really care about u r ur family. Then u see ur parents getting older and start to understand they wont be around forever.”

“Grand parents. It always seemed like a chore that had to be done. I’d go play with the toys, Sega or watch tv. Now what I would give to sit with my grandpa (I only knew my moms dad) on the porch or in the garage and get to know him as an adult. Watch my grandmas cook and learn.”

11. “Being able to go to school.”

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“Would absolutely love to be able to spend a few years just doing this.”

“Me too. I fantasize sometimes about being able to go back to school as an adult. i like to learn and didn’t have the best education.”

“I want a redo now that I know I’ve ADD. I managed to get two university masters, but I want to know what would’ve been possible if I ever was focused.”

10. “Story or character driven movies.”

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“I used to live for action movies, now I find the action sequences boring. Give me more plot, dammit.”

“I still like action movies but a stellar acting performance or great script is way more satisfying. Even the most mundane plot becomes riveting if done well.”

9. “Socks for Christmas.”

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“Yeah just socks in general, I have two favorite sock brands as an adult and it’s awesome lol.”

“As long as they’re good socks. I’m picky about my socks.”

“Absolutely. Was gifted a subscription to the Awesome Sock Club and was so psyched. (Still am).”

8. “Showers.”

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“I have no idea what child me’s problem was. The sweet feeling of clean before crawling into a crisply made bed is utterly euphoric.”

“I hated showers when I was a kid, but recently, I started taking the shower three times a day.”

7. “Drinking water.”

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“As a kid I hated drinking water. As an adult, I can’t get enough.”

“Yeah, I loved juice so much when younger, but now I greatly appreciate water, especially since I live in Florida so it’s hot as heck there.”

“I keep a large bottle of ice water with me all day long and refill it up to 5x per day. I freaking love it. I don’t know what happened, but around the age of 30 something just clicked in my head and I started craving water more than any other beverage.”

6. “A rainy Saturday spent at home.”

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“On the sofa, under a blanket with my wife, watching some TV or reading. **** yes!”

“Sitting on the patio with a cup of tea and just watching the rain or maybe reading a novel. Oh yeah. Bliss.”

“Where I am at, it’s pouring heavily, it’s a Saturday. And I am home. Alone. Couldn’t get any better.”

5. “Adult swim time.”

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“As a child, I was ****** like “whose stupid idea was this?” As an adult, I relish an adult swim. 15 sweet sweet minutes of quiet bliss to just swim around.”

“I literally went to the public pool today and my kid asked me why adult swim exists. I just floated like a starfish staring at the clouds for 15 mins.”

4. “Being at home.”

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“I wouldn’t leave if I didn’t have to.”

“When I was in my teens/early 20’s I was barely ever home, always out with friends. In my early 30’s now, and couldn’t imagine going back to being out and about doing **** constantly lol.”

3. “Sitting, talking, and drinking with friends.”

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“I remember as a kid always begging to go home after about 10 minutes of going over to my parents’ friend’s house because all they did was sit around and talk and drink and I thought they were the most boring people on earth. Now I go over to my friends place just to sit around and talk and drink and it is a highlight of my week.”

“There seems to be a common theme of stuff a kid gets to come along with, but not actually participate in until adulthood.”

2. “Having absolutely nothing to do.”

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“It’s pretty freeing honestly. Gets tiring always needing something to do.”

“Literally this. I wish I had time to be bored now.”

“I’m trying to remember the last time I genuinely had a full day off, with nothing that had to be done, nothing I was putting off, and nothing I could put a little more work into (like deep-cleaning everything).”

1. “Naps.”

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“Beds in general really.”

“Afternoon naps oh yes.”

“I just woke up from an afternoon nap. I hated naps when I was a kid. Now I love them.”




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