15 Tell-Tale Signs Someone’s Annoyingly Ignorant (According to the Internet)

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Jump into the world of internet revelations as we uncover 15 clear signs that someone might be a bit short on education and insight. Think of it like getting a cheat sheet for spotting ignorance in the wild! Let’s dive in:

15. “The inability to understand nuance.”

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“Everything’s very simple and easy to understand and they think you’re mental if you try to describe the shades of grey.”

“Ugh, the inability to understand that things are not black or white… Or the ability to understand that if one person is wrong, the other isn’t necessarily right, he might actually be wrong too mind blown.”

14. “Taking social media ‘influencers’ seriously.”

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“My little brother worships these people and calls me a loser because I don’t use tiktok and disagree with him.”

“It’s an annoying trend and is the epitome of a useless profession. It’s nearly 100% fake people doing fake things to try to get paid while contributing little or nothing to society.”

13. “Their there they’re.”

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“I hate seeing “balling” when people mean “bawling.” I know it’s a less common word than there/their/they’re, but still.”

“My boss types “your welcome” every time I thank her. It drives me insane.”

“Your you’re to too two there their they’re. Axe me for more.”

12. “Believing literally everything from the internet.”

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“Right. My immediate thought on the OP question was “not knowing how to evaluate sources of [mis]information.” Like, no. That Facebook post or YouTube link you shared doesn’t disprove actual research.”

“My friend does this. whatever he reads first, whether online, in a book, he was told by someone, etc. he’ll believe it… unless it happens to interfere with previous things he’s read of course, then he calls them wrong.”

11. “Bragging about not reading.”

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“I was told by my ex boyfriend that I was stupid because I read a lot, all those books made me stupid. It wasn’t even in a fight, he was just annoyed cause he didn’t get the joke i told. And once I told him he was egocentric, and he got mad because ‘I use words he don’t know on purpose’.”

“I lived in a town full of idiots in Central IL who said stuff like that. It really made me sad, because my family loves to read, and I do it all the time for fun. It’s one of many reasons my brother and I were ostracized at school while growing up. We were surrounded by idiots.”

10. “Confusing someone’s level of formal education and their intelligence.”

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“The dumbest person I work with has a Master’s degree.”

“My boss has multiple degrees, yet he still can’t figure out how to open a zoom meeting by himself.”

“The cultural value attributed to formal education is based only on how easy it is to codify and has little to do with its merit.”

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9. “Treating people who speak with an accent like they are ignorant or inferior.”

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“…These people are literally communicating to you in a second language to them.”

“My husband’s second language is English and a supervisor used to speak loud and slowly for him when giving instructions then ask “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” His response was “You know just because I speak with an accent does not mean I think with one”. I thought it was pretty good.”

8. “Lack of critical thinking and dismissal of science and the scientific method.”

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“When objectivity and rationality are viewed as dangerous and threatening.”

“‘It’s just a theory!!’ – spoken by idiots worldwide who have no idea the weight and specific meaning that the word theory has in science. They assume it’s the same as you would use the word in general conversation, something ethereal, just a guess. It’s not. It’s an idea that has been repeatedly tested and corroborated by evidence to hold true.”

7. “I will never understand flat earthers.”

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“…You can literally see the curvature of earth depending on where you are.”

“Don’t try to reason someone out of an idea they didn’t reason themselves into.”

“The thing that always gets me on this: What do you possibly gain from declaring the Earth flat?”

6. “Lack of curiosity/Unwillingness to learn.”

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“I have talked to neighbors and coworkers that I thought were backwards and unintelligent and been very surprised by their willingness to explain their position and listen to mine and reconsider and learn and maybe even research a little. Those folks are intelligent and growing and have just come to a different conclusion than me and I can respect that even if I disagree.”

““My experience is, you go talk to kindergarten kids or first-grade kids, you find a class full of science enthusiasts. And they ask deep questions. “What is a dream, why do we have toes, why is the moon round, what is the birthday of the world, why is grass green?” These are profound, important questions. They just bubble right out of them. You go talk to 12th grade students and there’s none of that. They’ve become leaden and incurious. Something terrible has happened between kindergarten and 12th grade and it’s not just puberty.” [Quoting Carl Sagan]”

5. “Reading a headline and thinking you know the whole story.”

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“Like 6-7 years ago someone did a test with r/politics where they posted an article with an incendiary headline but when you actually clicked the link it went to some meme page. There were sooooo many insane comments on the post, it was clear that no one bothered to click.”

“Reading a headline, formulating an opinion, then posting said opinion when it is neither valid or relevant.”

4. Engaging with social media posts with bogus competitions and giveaways

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“Actually commenting and sharing a FB post to win a custom RV because the last person they tried to give the prize to was underage, so couldn’t accept…Or anything of that ilk.”

“Similarly there was a copy/paste status the most gullible people I knew were sharing years ago, saying that Facebook was moving to a subscription model and that by sharing this post, they were opting out of paying and would continue to use the service for free, thank you very much.”

3. “Thinking that getting a pay raise means you’ll make less money because you are in a higher tax bracket.”

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“Employers aren’t going out of their way to correct that narrative.”

“Same people won’t work OT because they think they’ll make less. Blows my mind when people say such stupid things.”

“It can mean less net income if getting a raise or a higher-paying job disqualifies someone from any assistance programs that person or household may currently be on, but that’s somewhat of a grey area in terms of income which wouldn’t eventually be a problem anyway if they continue to get raises in the future. The tax bracket stuff though? Yeah, that’s dumb.”

2. “Using buzz words without knowing what they mean.”

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“…Especially when you ask them to clarify what they are talking about, and they continue regurgitating the same buzz words.”

“This reminds me of an old coworker. A popular cliche at the time was “In the know.” She used the phrase excessively but her version was “In the now”.”

1. “Having pride in not knowing something.”

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“That always shocks me, but it’s pretty common. Some people make ignorance the core of their personality to the point that they’re actually proud of all the things they don’t know. These are the same people who brag about not having read a book since high school.”

“Asimov said it best: There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”




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