15 Real-Life Situations Where One Person Spoiled Something for Everyone

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We all know (and hate) that one person with a knack for always spoiling the fun. Reddit users, who share the same pain, recently came together to narrate their own experiences. Join us as they reveal 15 instances where the actions of one individual managed to put a damper on something truly epic for everyone:

15. HP Printers

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“That executive at HP who said, “You know, people love our printers. They are tough and reliable and work for decades. We should make them suck, break constantly, license the ink, make it all internet-linked so the printer won’t even work when the wifi is down.”

“They recently changed their drivers from stand-alone installs to cloud-based, and now my job won’t let us install HPs on work machines for security.”

14. Performing at Concerts

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“Lately, artists who are performing on stage are not having fun anymore.. why? Because One clown threw an object that actually hurt the artist and suddenly it started happening over and over again, along with making more artists reluctant to perform or interact with the crowd…I guess I need to clarify, I mean throwing phones, ashes and other objects directly at the artist to hurt them, not harmless things that used to be thrown like panties and bras.”

“Yeah it’s not been great for a while. Crowds can just get out of hand and there is always some nutjob that has to go too far. Mind you I’d rather any of the aforementioned objects than being shot like Dimebag Darrell from Pantera in 2004. You can recover from a phone to the head, not so much a bullet.”

13. Dog Day in the Office

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“We used to have a dog day in the office where everyone brought their dogs in on Friday and there were a ton of puppies to distract us while we drank beer. One guy was mortally afraid of any and all dogs and had management put an end to it, which ultimately fizzled out beer as well. I respect the workplace for accommodating him and didn’t resent him or anything, but damn, I just wanted to pet some puppies and drink beer.”

12. Casual Fridays

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“I worked at an office that had casual Fridays. One day a lady came to work on casual Friday in her gym clothes, and management was uptight and appalled by it. Instead of telling her that she couldn’t wear gym clothes to work, they abolished casual Friday for everyone. It pisses me off to this day.”

11. Playing music at work

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“Had a retail job and we used to be able to play our own CDs in the store, which was awesome. I wasn’t working that day but apparently Mike thought playing Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled album was a good idea. And of course “Killing in the Name” played while upper management was passing through. Several f-bombs later there was a policy change. It sucked so much because they setup an mp3 system with about 90 minutes’ worth of music that we could not change. The repetition of the same songs got old real fast and I quit shortly after.”

“At one of my previous workplaces, management played music as a way of promoting good mood. They played all sorts of genres so everyone got a chance to listen to something they liked. One person complained that sometimes they had to listen to music they didn’t like, so they stopped playing music altogether.”

10. The lollipops at one guy’s bank

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“[Someone] apparently choked on a lollipop at my bank and now we don’t get lollipops anymore.”

“They don’t even give out stickers anymore. Now going to the bank isn’t fun for kids…”

9. Ancient and beautiful trees

Half Dome Rock , the Landmark of Yosemite National Park,California
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“The guy who killed the most isolated tree on Earth. Same with that woman who burned down the oldest tree. Imagine the history the trees lived through.”

“There’s also the Alabama fan that poisoned I believe a several hundred year old tree at auburn because he like Alabama. He also admitted to it by name on the radio.”

8. Having a phone in class

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“That one kid in the classroom that can’t just leave their phone alone. Now they’re all in a box at the front of the class.”

“One of the science teachers at the high school I went to had a bunch of animals around his class room. All sorts of reptiles, bugs, and arachnids. If someone was caught texting in his class, he would put the phone in the tarantula enclosure (I own 2 tarantulas, harmless little guys). You were able to get your phone at the end of class…but you’d have to reach into the enclosure to get it. He always had old phones in there as decoration, so it was always on display what will happen when you use your phone in his class.”

7. Hybrid working

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“Previous job I had used to be hybrid twice a week. One person, on their hybrid day, decided to slack off work and go out. They got a call from their manager because they were late for a virtual meeting and the manager heard a lot of background noise like they were at the mall or something. Said person eventually admitted they were not home working, got fired, and now everyone had to be in the office 5 days a week.”

6. Free work boots

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“At a previous job, we got full uniforms. Shirts, pants, hats, hoodies, winter coveralls, winter coats, gloves. But we didn’t get shoes or boots. Turns out a couple of years before I was hired on, they used to give boots. But one guy would take his boots and sell them, then request a replacement, then sell those. He did this about 20 times before anybody caught on because of municipal bureaucracy being slow to notice. When they caught on, they stopped giving out boots to their employees.”

5. Primary school zoo visits

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“My primary school used to do relatively frequent trips to a local zoo, until one boy decided to vault the fence and punch a penguin.”

“Our school got banned from the zoo too because the grade above me stole a duck.”

4. Meal discounts for emergency services

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“Other firefighters constantly ruin any sort of appreciation restaurants give out. We had a BBQ restaurant that would give a flat 10$ off your meal. If you didn’t spend 10$ it was basically free. One guy ruined it on an 8$ order by demanded the 2$ be given to him as well. Had people going in uniform on days they didn’t work. Had one guy have a family reunion at a local restaurant then made a big issue they wouldn’t give his entire party the discount.”

3. Straightforward airport security

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“The guy who attempted to smuggle a bomb in his shoe in 2001. Now we all have to suffer taking our shoes off at airport security every damn time we fly.”

“Also whoever did the thing with liquids that convinced security that more than 3.4 ounces of shampoo was potentially deadly can **** right off.”

2. Pokemon cards

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“My friends traded pokemon cards with a new kid in school; he was caught with a fat stack of my friends’ cards in his pocket at lunch. He gave back the cards and ripped up his own cards. The teacher banned pokemon for us for half of the school year.”

1. Certain names

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“The name Adolf has gotta be up there.”

“While not nearly as destructive, having the last name Dahmer has got to suck pretty bad.”

“I’ve noticed in books or articles that a lot of people are named Weinstein. Whenever they’re introduced it always says no relation to the other Weinstein in brackets.”




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