18 Fantasies You Have When You’re Insanely Rich (According to the Internet)

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Ever wondered if billionaires even have fantasies? Or does their immense wealth instantly fulfill their desires? Reddit users recently spilled the beans on the day-dreams of the super wealthy. Here is a look at the top 18 responses:

18. “Being happy.”

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“Rich people think they are happy since the day they are born until they die, but they really aren’t” – Moe Szyslak. One of the most underrated jokes in the Simpsons series.”

“Yeah. A lot of people who inherit fortune are unfulfilled cos they didn’t have to work for it. A job gives purpose.”

17. “Not paying taxes.”

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“The bottom majority of income earners get money back at the end of the year. The middle and upper class are the only ones who pay taxes. I’ll never understand this take.”

“Rich guy here. Can confirm. Would like to pay even less $$$ in taxes tho.”

16. “Spending quality time with their life partner.”

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“Or even having a life partner.”

15. “Saving the world.”

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“It’s why comically rich people get obsessed with environmentalism at such high rates.”

14. “Ruling Poor People and Buying Bigger Boats.”

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“Lol this is the first thing I thought of…or watching us scrub their floors with toothbrushes.”

“Once you reach a level of status and wealth, the game becomes comparing yourself to those even higher than you in the food chain.”

“They already do. Their weapons are taxes, regulations, policy, and politicians.”

13. “Having Nobody Try To Get Their Money.”

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“My girlfriend comes from a wealthy family. They spend an amazing amount of time trying to sidestep people asking for money. Whenever she goes to dinner with family who doesn’t have money they expect her to pay. They’re always looking for handouts and have sob stories. She would love it if people would spend time with her because they enjoy her company.”

“I’ve always figured thats why celebrities are such an in crowd kind of weird bubble, it feels like high school where you see people always dating within a group of like, a few hundred people. Because those are the only people you can be pretty sure don’t have their eyes on your money, and they can actually relate to the life you live.”

12. “Expensive Art.”

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“I know a guy who worked for Barbara Streisand and apparently she was upset that her Picasso (an original) wasn’t as nice as someone else’s. Grass is always greener I guess.”

“No matter how rich you get, you cannot have it all and others will always have stuff that you could have. As you’re exposed to more luxuries, you’ll create new drains for your new income and feel the need for more.”

11. “Friends and Social Connections.”

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“I have a friend who is really really rich, like “money is not an issue” rich. I asked him one day, jokingly, “Lol mate, what do you want for your birthday? We are legit giving up buying you anything.” He said, “Nothing mate, just come over to my birthday party and I will be really happy.”

“Tip: Get together and bake him a cake. For most people with money, knowing you have spend time on them is something they appreciate. A lot.”

10. “Having More Time.”

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“Time is the real currency of life and it’s the only truly non-renewable resource.”

“That comes naturally with age. You realize time is more important than money. Working 60-80 hour + an hour both ways commute made me realize it a bit quicker. This is assuming you have enough money to not live in poverty. Even so, I believe there are people living in poverty who enjoy their life more than I do.”

9. “Being Admired.”

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“You’ve got food, shelter. You’ve got resources for you and your children. You’ve got vacations and toys and options. But what do people think about when they hear your name? That’s what makes Bill Gates launched the Gates Foundation. That’s why they donate huge sums and get their names on buildings…Rich people want to be admired.”

8. “Living Forever.”

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“Yup, this must be it. Every 80-year old billionaire is probably in agony, wishing “If only I could be 20 again but with this same amount of money.” Especially if they only became rich at an old age.”

“I remember Bill Gates basically saying that in an AMA here five or six years ago. Someone asked the question basically saying obviously you have everything you could ever want, is there any goals you have for the future and he gave a simple response like, ‘Not die.’”

7. “Simpler Times.”

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“I once had a chance to spend a few moments in idle conversation with a multimillionaire, and he told me that having money just takes the mask off of the problems that most people argue about when they think they’re arguing about money. Based on that, I’d guess many of them daydream about simpler times.”

“Once you become rich – it becomes tough to give reasons like “It’s because I don’t have X” to deal with insecurity and dissatisfaction in life.”

6. “Real Friends.”

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“The rich don’t know who are their friends and who are leeches.”

“More to the point: having a real significant other without having to worry if they’re just using you for your wealth/connections.”

“Have a friend who is a multi-millionaire and his friends circle is about 5 people including me. It’s honestly hard for him to trust new people so he puts his efforts into the friends he has.”

5. “Being Middle/Working Class.”

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“Remember that weird a** video that Mark Zuckerberg did of him grilling stuff? I imagine they fantasize about being a hardworking “middle class” person doing regular stuff just to get by.”

“There is definitely a strange trend with rich people wanting to cosplay as the working class.”

4. “Having The Most Money.”

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“Someone with $1mil fantasize about having 10mil. Someone with 10mil fantasize about having 100mil. Someone with a 100mil fantasize about having 1Bil. Someone with 1Bil fantasize about having a 100Bil.”

“Gotta get that high score, gotta pump up those numbers.”

3. “Buying a politician.”

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“Not really much of a fantasy when we know this has already happened many times over.”

“Just one? How about a dozen instead?”

“Dime a dozen. They will call you. Repeatedly.”

2. “Being loved for who they are.”

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“The one and only advantage of being broke and fugly.”

“I was going to comment ‘their parents’ love.’”

“Probably love, the kind where you can call your best friend at 2AM just because you need to talk, or the kind where you love your partner so much that seeing them smile brightens your day. Most of the wealthiest people in the world are lonely because everything is about transactions.”

1. “Winning the lottery.”

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“I’ve never met a rich person who believed him/herself to be rich.”

“A guy that comes to my work lives in a $3 million home and won a $800,000 jackpot last year off of scratch offs.”

“Because numbers are indefinite, and they can never have enough.”



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