12 People Reveal What They Carry in Their Backpacks. Do You Carry the Same in Yours?

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Backpacks aren’t just for school kids! They can be practical companions for grown-ups too. Curious about what essentials adults carry? Check out this lineup of 12 items you might find in the backpacks of grown men and women (as shared by Reddit users)

12. “Socks and Underwear.”

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“Omg how could I forget socks. Adding a pair to my edc bag right now.”

“Underwear is also good to have on hand.”

“Seconding the underwear, never a bad plan to have a spare just in case. I also overpack underwear when I go on vacation or anywhere overnight, just in case I p*** myself every single day of the trip. The chances are slim, but never 0% chance.”

11. “Laptop, water bottle, charging cables, medication, deodorant.”

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“Notebook, pens, chapstick, wallet, sunglasses, hat, id badge, usb stick. So many useful things in this world. Why wouldn’t I want to have a backpack? How can people go about without one?”

“I used to have ALL of these in a giant a** handbag. Then realized I’m killing my right shoulder carrying these. I bought a backpack which can carry the same amount, and I use that on the daily. I prefer the weight of the heavy bag distributed on my hips (buy good quality backpacks) than on my shoulder.”

10. “I carry a backpack around at work. Water pouch, work gloves, and a hat.”

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“I take a backpack to work, and I’ve had boomer coworkers ask if I’m going skydiving. I carry my lunch, keys, kindle, wallet, water bottle, and my jacket if it’s warm – all on the bus. I’m sure not carrying it in my arms.”

“I’m either a tourist or at work. So basically the same s***. A power bank, water, maybe some snacks/lunch, an umbrella or poncho, maybe a change of socks or cheap sandals, hand sanitizer. Just stuff that if I’m in “the field” that makes my life easier as I’ve had many days ruined because I was hot/drenched/dirty/hungry.”

9. “Electronics, lunch bag.”

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“Lunch for me too. I carry a thermos of coffee, snacks, a sandwich and a reusable water bottle cut down on eating out daily.”

“Also lunch, sometimes papers. Bike helmet. Bike lock. If I just need a few things from the grocery store I’ll take my backpack and fill it with the groceries.”

8. “The standard stuff in a purse. I’d just prefer to keep my hands free.”

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“The top comment is about carrying hard drugs in a hello kitty bag so I am not sure of what classifies as “standard stuff” anymore.”

“Riding a bike is easier with a backpack than a purse. Cross body bag just hitting my leg repeatedly….”

7. “All of my possessions.”

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“I was homeless for about 2 months after my parents kicked me out…Somehow just one backpack was enough for all of my possessions. I bought a gym membership totaling a dollar a day, just lingered around there after work and took a shower. When it closed, I took my blanket out of my bag and used it as a pillow, and slept in the pitch black area of the parking lot. So yeah, just a cozy blanket, toothbrush + paste, charger for my phone, and a water bottle.”

“What’s f***** up is from my experience leaving my parents house at 18 and couch surfing I still do this. Keep a backpack with a change of clothes in my car and the super cheap gym membership in case I need to shower.”

6. “Stuff for my toddler.”

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“Snacks, water, change of clothes, books, notebook or coloring book, crayons, toys, play doh, wallet, phone, keys. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag most of the time.”

“Same here. My kid is way past the toddler phase and I’m still like a walking pharmacy/outdoor toy provider.”

“Mine is stuff for my baby & toddler as well. My bag has the same as you plus diaper, wipes, sunscreen, hats, a ball to play with, kleenex. Definitely a Mary Poppins bag haha.”

5. “I live in a city so usually groceries.”

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“I bike everywhere (except work) and I use mine for everything. Groceries, books, bike supplies, etc…”

“I used to walk all my groceries home in grocery bags, and my arms would be shaking by the end of it. Taking a backpack to the supermarket has been an absolute game changer.”

4. “I can’t remember. But I want to keep it on in case I remember.”

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“…Today my 5yo was wearing a backpack around the house for a few hours. Around dinner time I asked her why, and she said, “I can’t remember. But I want to keep it on in case I remember.” So I want to conjecture that may be the situation with at least a subset of adults.”

“Yeah this explains it perfectly, I never remember what’s in my bag or pockets until I need whatever it is and when I do need it I know exactly where it is.”

3. “Books.”

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“Books, and a bottle of water to hydrate whilst reading said books.”

“I usually have a sketchbook and notebook that acts as the base behind the books, then my water bottle and pencil pouch that holds the books in from the front.”

2. “Anything you desperately need.”

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“Remember that time when you desperately needed something and there were no shops around? My backpack has that thing.”

“The amount of band aids I have given out over the years is absurd. Idk how, but I’m always the only person in a group with a first aid kit on them. Even backpacking, I was found to be the only person out of 5 of us with band aids and neosporin when someone cut their hand up. I have only used the first aid kit on myself once, but still have had to restock it annually.”

“My lunchbag is in there, as is the whistle I use for gym classes. But I also have screwdrivers for quick repairs should I need to do them, everything from eyeglasses to desk height adjustments. I also have a sewing kit…I have a hot glue gun and an umbrella. There’s a VGA patch cable, in case Apple TV doesn’t work and I need to connect to my projector. Spare pair of socks, too.”

1. “Health Related Stuff.”

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“Tylenol, eye drops, cough drops, lotion, etc.”

“Liquid bandage, bandaids, suture kit, antihistamines, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, DayQuil, cough drops, ace bandage, quick clot, and a container with a days worth of my prescriptions. It’s basically a walking pharmacy.”


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