12 Things That Sound Like Snake Oil but Actually Work (According to the Internet)

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Internet users recently discussed things that sound like snake oil but actually work. Here are 12 of their suggestions – things that seem too good to be true but are, in fact, absolutely real…

12. Epsom Salt Baths

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“They rapidly help recovery and I don’t know why I ever believed people saying it’s an old ‘wives tale’. During the pandemic I rode my bike ~150+ miles a week, each day id do an Epsom soak for 15mins and I’d be good to go the next day.”

“This right here. Ultra marathon runner. Converted a chest freezer into an ice bath. Soak in that every morning after my run, soak in a warm Epsom salt bath in the tub every night. Feel better at 34 than I did at 24”

11. Liquid IV for Hydration

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“It’s legit, it will give you a lot of electrolytes, probably way more than an average person ever takes lol. is it some sort of super energy drink or something? nah, but if you are working out or doing some sort of a sport or a physical activity, it really does help you stay hydrated better, I personally think it’s better than things like Gatorade.”

10. Practicing Breathwork

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I know, I know you’re like, “Consciously breathing is stupid.” But we unconsciously do it our entire lives and rarely think about it. Our breath changes based on our moods, thoughts, and actions. Have you ever forgotten to breathe when you were lost in thought or worried? When you’re angry, do you notice that you probably take shallow breaths in your chest? Our breath is the mind-body connection and can change our moods and minds in just a few minutes.

“When I was at Johns Hopkins, we did a study on breathing retraining to treat panic attacks, based on the 1980s Canary Breathing Study. Just breathing retraining (15 minutes twice a day), without any therapy or medication, was curing panic attacks.”

9. Meditation For Mental Health

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“When I was an alcoholic and drug abuser, my friend used to tell me about meditation to help with anxiety and stress. I thought, “B***h, we use Xanax around here; no one’s got time to meditate.” We no longer use Xanax and have the time to meditate.”

“Facts. Combat veteran here with depression and PTSD. Transcendental Meditation (TM) changed the trajectory of my life.”

“TM changed my life too. Went to the center in NYC on Madison Ave. I thought that I was buying into the marketing hype. Nope. Literally life-changing.”

8. Daylight Lamps for Boosting Mood During Winter

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“Bought a daylight lamp last winter because I get depressed when it’s dark outside for long periods of time. Got one off Amazon for 40€, and now I can’t live without it in the winter. Thought it was a sham initially. The light basically imitates the wavelengths of light emitted by the sun (bar the UVs) and inhibits the production of melatonin. Not only that, but it also boosts my mood and morale. You just have to be careful because it’s difficult to fall asleep for a couple of hours after using it.”

7. Have Hiccups? Hold Your Breath

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“Most people just don’t know the proper way to do it or why it works. It’s got nothing to do with simply holding your breath. It’s got to do with using your lungs to hold down the diaphragm and stop it from spasming. You breathe in until you cannot fit literally anything else into your lungs. When your chest is as full as humanly possible, then you hold it, and within about 15 seconds, the hiccups are gone.”

“Yes, exactly. I suck in as much air as I feel like I can possibly hold, then keep sucking in a little more at a time until I really can’t do it anymore. Then I hold it for as long as I can, and when I let it go, the hiccups are gone. Every single time.”

6. Yoga for Better Well-Being

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“I have severe upper back pain and went through months of physical therapy. I couldn’t keep up with the millions of appointments and started doing yoga as a way to stretch my upper back instead. I did it for 30 minutes each day and forgot I had pain.”

“Only idiots call yoga fake, honestly. It’s been well documented to be good for humans for >1000 years now.”

5. Taking Magnesium as a Supplement

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“It really can cure some joint, nerve, muscle, heart, and breathing problems. Of course, the only ones it can cure are ones caused by a magnesium deficiency, which a surprising number of people have. Some life events that can rapidly use magnesium in the body are pregnancy, surgery, viral illness, and major periods of stress.”

“It can also help with anxiety, as it helps the muscles to relax.”

“Helps with constipation as well. Not like a laxative that relieves constipation. But as a preventative measure. You’ll **** like a champ if you take it daily.”

4. Sleepy Time Herbal Tea

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“I always thought it was just a tea that’s nice to drink before bed, but sleepy time extra actually puts my **** in the dirt. Chamomile and valerian root are legit natural sedatives.”

“I used to drink alcohol in the evening so I could get to sleep quickly, but it was getting too dangerous and unhealthy for me. Now I drink some sleepy-time herbal tea, and it seems to work well.”

3. Good Posture Curing Aches and Pains

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“I had chronic back pain for years. Then, just a few years ago, I slept on my neck wrong and had neck pain that wouldn’t resolve. I saw a physical therapist, [who]…told me nicely but essentially that my posture was horrible…The therapist showed me how to sit and stand with a straight back, my chest up and forward, and my back keeping a healthy lumbar curvature…No lie, 3 weeks later, all my back pain symptoms were gone and haven’t returned.”

2. Burning Coffee to Get Rid of Wasps

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“Sitting on your deck in summer, or are you having a nice picnic when suddenly you’re being accosted by the hellspawn known as wasps? Get rid of them with this one easy solution: burn some coffee! Burn coffee? I hear you say incredulously. Yes, burn coffee! Take a little saucer, pour a little pyramid of ground coffee, and use a lighter to light the top. It will smolder slowly and give off smoke that smells, well, like burnt coffee. It will also instantly get rid of any wasps that are bothering you. No idea why; they absolutely hate the smell.”

1. Using Vinegar and Newspaper to Clean Windows

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“I thought the ink would come off and make an even bigger mess. Almost turns the window invisible.”

“Newspaper also works wonders to clean the glass in fireplaces!”

“White vinegar is also great for removing stains from fabric. You can pour a little vinegar in the washing machine.”


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