15 Things That Immediately Ruin a Sandwich

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Sandwiches are simple pleasures, but it takes just a few missteps to completely ruin that experience. The internet has revealed 15 cardinal sins that can destroy a perfect sandwich. Read the full list to ensure your next lunch doesn’t fall victim to these all-too-common pitfalls:

15. Miracle Whip

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“Even worse if you’re expecting mayo and it’s Miracle Whip.”

“I think it is intended for cold salads which are usually served a little sweet – potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, etc. I find it really gross as a substitute for mayo because of that sweetness.”

14. Soggy Lettuce

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“Shredded, especially when it’s sort of slimy and has the “just on the cusp of going bad” weird flavor.”

“This is why I skip lettuce on 98% (shredded lettuce 100%) of my sandwiches. You rarely know for how long they had it out. Also, HOT lettuce…if I grab a warm sandwich, it usually will not reach my mouth until it’s too late.”

13. Ketchup

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“Uck. Flashbacks to baloney and ketchup sandwiches my mom used to pack for me in elementary school.”

“On the one hand, a burger is a sandwich, and many enjoy ketchup on their burger. I don’t get it myself, as I’m not the biggest fan of ketchup. Conversely, if it ain’t a burger, ketchup doesn’t go here.”

“Ugh! I did this to my poor husband when we first got married! I’m not sure he’s ever forgiven me for that first sandwich I made him.”

12. Gluten-Free Bread

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“Recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and gluten-free bread is the worst. It’s hard, thick, dry, and tastes [awful]. Now, I just eat corn tortilla roll-ups if I want to make a “sandwich.”

“Also gluten-free, I’ve had some pretty good gf bread, but it’s always toasted, like grilled cheese or something. I tried gluten-free hamburger buns once, and they fell apart in my mouth, and it was like eating sand. I would rather just eat my burger without a bun. Lol.”

11. Pickles

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“I don’t like pickles, and I actively hate them because when I order something with no pickles, and they ignore the request, you can’t just take the pickles off. The sandwich is ruined because of the overpowering taste of the pickle juice.”

“I hate pickles too – they are not in the right place for me.”

“Had to scroll way too far to find this. Pickles just ruin most things.”

10. Questions

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“Questions. I hate being asked questions when eating a sandwich.”

“I WFH. The number of times I made a delicious sandwich, sat down, and was ready to eat only to get a work call is horrible. By the time the call is done, I’ve just lost interest. The magic of the moment of that first bite is just gone. But I’m still hungry, so…”

9. Hair in the Sandwich

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“Cat hair.”

“Any hair!!!!! Any food!!!! Any hair!!!! Any food!!!!”

“Dog hair is permissible IF it’s your dog.”

8. Too Much Mayo

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“A little bit is fine, but sometimes they put in too much, and it’s gross.”

“I like mayo and aioli, but no thanks if there’s too much. I want a sandwich, not a cursed eclair.”

7. Ingredients Falling Off

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“When the sandwich simply cannot be grabbed without the bread falling apart and all the ingredients falling off the sandwich.”

“I get so upset when my sandwich/burrito/taco/whatever falls apart halfway through my munching. So disappointing. And having hands covered in mayo is the worst.”

“This is why I don’t order burgers anymore. Too many places use meat with too much fat and use binder that has too much liquid. Sure, the burgers taste good, but not enough to justify the mess. I’d like to eat lunch without worrying about spilling it all over my shirt.”

6. Mustard Misunderstandings

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“The wrong kind of mustard.”

“Too much mustard. It can easily go from complimentary to everything tastes like mustard.”

5. Too Many or Too Few Ingredients

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“Too little or too much of an ingredient — an embarrassment of lettuce, a pittance of meat, pickles.”

“Backpacking in Europe, and a couple of times I got a meat sandwich, it would be like a single slice of ultra-thin deli sliced meat. I know we eat too much meat in the US, but it was just sad.”

“Alternative. An excessive amount of lettuce. I’ve had this a handful of times. I’m not against lettuce. But Jesus, man, I ordered a Turkey and cheese. Not a lettuce with meat/cheese flavor.”

4. High Prices

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“When the sandwich costs 17 dollars.”

“2 minutes of labor and ingredients (at wholesale prices) cost nowhere near $17. Doubt it even costs $5 to produce. Throw in other expenses and a healthy profit, and $17 is still [ridiculous]”

3. Cheese That’s Not Melted (Or Is…)

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“If the cheese is supposed to be melted and isn’t.”

“Or if the cheese isn’t supposed to be melted, and it is, too! Sometimes I want the texture of biting into that cheese on my cold cuts, and if it’s melted, it gets greasy and makes the cold cuts into warm cuts and just ruins the whole thing.”

“My workplace had a catered lunch a few times…Once, I ordered what they called ‘Welsh rarebit.’ I know of Welsh rarebit, and having never had it, I figured, ‘hell yeah, let’s go.’ I’ve still never had Welsh rarebit. I can best describe what I ate that lunch as a cold shredded-cheese-salad sandwich.”

2. Flavorless Tomatoes

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“Mealy white-centered flavorless tomatoes.”

“For me, it’s not even the taste or texture of mealy tomatoes; I just really hate when you take a bite, and the tomato comes out with the bite, and the whole sandwich falls apart. Tomatoes compromise the structural integrity of a sandwich.”

“There’s also tomatoes with those big s****y seed sacks… If you cut into a tomato and it has that, don’t put it on a sandwich.”

1. The Wrong Kind of Bread

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“The absolute worst are restaurants that use some dry, super chewy bread that you have to rip apart with your teeth like an animal while all the ingredients fly out. Either that or you get all kinds of small cuts on the roof of your mouth. If your teeth cannot penetrate the bread with a regular bite while it breaks free normally, it should not be on a sandwich.”

“Don’t forget, the worst part is always that the bread is too thick, and there aren’t enough fillings to justify it, so you don’t really get to enjoy the sandwich because you’re chewing bread most of the time.”

“Stale hero bread that doesn’t squish at all, so when you bite it, all the ingredients squeeze out the sides like the playdough animals from the hydraulic press channel.”



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