10 Reasons People Are Losing Hope Right Now

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The world can feel bleak sometimes, right? Especially now, when the world’s confronted with such a diverse array of issues. Perhaps that’s why someone recently posted this question to Reddit: “Why have so many people lost hope?” Today, we’re going through the 10 most upvoted responses.

1. Everything’s So Expensive

The most upvoted response reeled off a huge number of potential reasons people could lose hope at the moment. Top of their list was how expensive things are:

“Food too expensive, rent is too expensive, home ownership is too expensive, raising children is too expensive, education is too expensive, the world is slowly dying, getting sick is too expensive, politicians are phoning it in trying to get as much money as they can before they leave office, and the poor and young are being blamed for every crime of the rich and old, and anyone who complains is told that their situation is 100% their fault, while watching seemingly talentless people get rich for talking into a camera on twitch/streaming as they slave away at a dead end job they were told would get them through life.”

2. Nothing’s Being Fixed

For some people, another factor in play is that, despite how many problems the world is facing, nothing ever seems to get fixed. The previous comment continued:

“Nothing is being fixed, and those in charge are denying everything. those that are trying to make effective change are being accused of being every bad name in the books to stop them by the deniers.”

3. Selfish World Leaders

Another Reddit user chimed in on the most upvoted response to add another potential reason people are losing hope. They wrote: “So, what you’re saying is that the majority of the world leaders are looking after themselves and their mates at the expense of the planet and the needs of 99% of the world’s population?”

Difficult times call from strong leaders. And, from what some people on Reddit were saying, most of our current ones only seem out for themselves. One said, “The world is essentially run by greedy billionaire slave owners.”

4. Lack of Choice

One thought-provoking answer to the original question came from Reddit user, Getrideofwires. They put, “I once read an article that said what gives people hope, is choice. Many people feel that they have no choice in their lives and so no hope.”

Their point received 3.3k upvotes and received lots of praise. In response to it, one user said, “This is an under rated comment. It sums up all the points above. It’s a similar thought to what I’ve heard, and believe, is the basis of happiness – having something to do, something/someone to love, and something to look forward to.”

5. A Worsening World

Many Reddit users pointed out the string of difficulties that have hit the world over the last couple of decades. One popular comment read:

“As a Millennial, I thought the way the world was in the 90’s was a preview of how good adult life was going to be. But after 9/11, years of pointless wars, several ‘once in a lifetime’ economic disasters, seeing the middle class get destroyed, watching the climate disaster progress unchecked, and seeing the absolute worst of human nature come out during COVID, I don’t know how anyone my age could have any hope left.”

6. Doom Scrolling

In response to the various comments bemoaning the current state of the world, one Redditor chimed in with something that’s part-reason, part-solution. They put:

“Get off the internet, stop watching the news, and go live your life. I know it sounds like I’m being trite – I really don’t mean to be – but I cannot be more serious. If you have a smart phone, downgrade to a dumb one. Constant connectivity, with constant doom scrolling, constant negative news feedback, and everyone’s “expert” advise and opinions is a recipe for exhaustion.”

7. The Housing Market

SuperBearPaws honed in on the housing market as a cause of their own personal hopelessness. The cost of property right now just seems too far out of reach. They said, “Trying to be financially responsible and plan for the future so that me and my partner can one day own a house makes me incredibly depressed and makes me feel hopeless. It’s like…It’s possible…If we are incredibly frugal for a decade and nothing goes wrong and the housing market doesn’t go up any more.”

8. Literally Everything Right Now

Pennywise626 offered a half-joking-but-mainly-serious comment. In response to the question, they wrote: “Vaguely gestures at everything for the past few years.” Someone else then corrected them, putting “*Past 2 decades.” Then another Reddit user made a very similar comment, before adding, “Jobs pay s***, houses cost a fortune, college costs as much as a house, general necessities cost a fortune, the nation is politically divided, the planet is actively dying, and the PEOPLE IN CHARGE KNOW THIS AND DONT F****** CARE.”

9. Things Are Going Backward

Some people noted that things aren’t just bad right now, they’re actively going backwards. One said:

“Because everything is seemingly going backwards. In America, states are now revoking trans rights, are split in half to the point people are rioting against the other political party and school shootings are a pretty daily thing. In England, there is a cost of living crisis and no one can find jobs. Europe is in the middle of a war with an insane dictator with nuclear weapons and third world countries arent getting the help they need while Amazon and other megacorporations are sitting on 9 digits. Sure we have things to hope about but…really?”

10. Information Overload

For the Reddit user 10lbCheeseBurger, another reason for the feelings of hopelessness stems from the internet, having access to too much information, and the constant comparisons that occur as a result.

“While an increasingly connected society allows us to talk to anyone anywhere at any time, and allows us to find like-minded people in even the smallest niches, we are also constantly being bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information, and constantly comparing ourselves to people who aren’t actually in our lives. And often times people who aren’t actually real. The fact that connection is so easy unfortunately means that connections are inherently less meaningful now. We are more connected than ever, yet more lonely than ever.”

Do You Feel Hopeful About Anything Right Now?

It’s true, the world’s full of problems! Everywhere you turn, there’s something that could, in theory, make you feel hopeless. But that’s only one side of the story. For every negative, there’s a positive – everyday miracles that put a smile on your face and make you grateful to be alive.

Or do you disagree? Is everything too bad right now to feel at all hopeful? Or can you still find things in life that inspire hope? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.


Source: Reddit.

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