16 Items It’s Worth Paying Extra for (According to the Internet)

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When it comes to certain items, going for the cheaper option might cost you more in the long run. So, if you want to avoid any regrets, Reddit users have shared a list of 16 purchases where choosing the budget option might be a grave mistake:

16. “Shoes.”

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“This! I grew up on wearing Walmart brand shoes until high school, when I had to buy running shoes for track. It’s been 5 years now, and my running shoes are still perfectly fine! Whereas Walmart shoes would fall apart by the end of the year.”

“Yes, bought some quality leather shoes, a pair of hiking shoes (Meindl) for 270 euros. Replaced the soles last year (100 euros). Been using them almost ten years. I love them.”

15. “My Hobbies.”

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“I don’t fill my house with useless crap I don’t need, instead I spend up on the things that make me happy such as my golf clubs, gaming pc, and sim racing rig.Go all in on your happiness, don’t waste money on things you don’t care about or things to impress other people.

“$675 in paint as of this week, and another 400 in minis. No regrets, but plenty of skills now.”

“I have like, $180 in dice. Zero regrets.”

14. “Plunger and Toilet Seats.”

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“It’s the difference between $8 and $12-15 dollars. Used a cheap one once and it was not a great experience.”

“On that note: toilet seats. It’s a similar $10 vs $30 kind of situation, but even the smallest upgrade from the cheap white plastic ones makes a world of difference.”

13. “Menstrual Products.”

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“The cheap pads make me shiver.”

“I picked up tampons for my wife about a week ago and got the cardboard ones. She was not thrilled.”

12. “Car Brakes.”

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“On a related note, tires.”

“The cheap ones do work, but they coat your rims in that annoying dust that is a [nightmare] to clean off. Spend the extra few dollars.”

“I watched a documentary on counterfeit items. One of the items were brake pads. They were made from sawdust.”

11. “Cheese.”

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“A wise man once told me, “Never get cheap on cheese.” Some of the best advice I ever received.”

“Yep. You end up using a lot less of the expensive cheese because its way more flavorful. So not only better taste, but also healthier.”

“I’ve been buying the on-sale prepackaged cheese forever. 10 slices for $1.50. Whatever. I recently bought the fancier deli cheese (because it was on sale) and it blew my mind how flavorful the same type of cheese. Instead of three lackluster slices, I use one and it has a much better flavor. Don’t go cheap on cheese!”

10. “Computer power supply.”

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“Came here to say this. If you get a cheapo PSU from an unheard-of brand(please do your research if you are new to the world of PC hardware and are building a computer), it could take your whole system with it if the PSU fails, and in even worse situations start an electrical fire.”

“Yeah and good power supplies are usually warrantied for around 10-15 years anyway so that’s at least 3 builds worth.”

9. “Backpacks.”

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“I carry a backpack with me all the time. One that is comfortable and durable is a must.”

“Add breathable. I use a backpack alot for work and personal and I can’t stand my back getting wicked sweaty within minutes on a day that isn’t even hot.”

“My son is about to graduate high school and I commented yesterday that he’s had the same backpack since 3rd grade. It was expensive for us when we bought it, but has lasted and is still going strong 10 years later.”

8. “Toilet paper.”

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“If I gotta deal with the cheapest tissue paper in every public bathroom, why the hell would I bring that into my PRIVATE bathroom?”

“Mum always said the two things she’d never buy cheap are toilet paper and tissues, and I wholeheartedly agree with her.”

“I hate how rough the cheap stuff is.”

7. “Tattoos.”

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“Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good.”

“Agreed 100%. Research your tattoo artist thoroughly, ensure they understand exactly what you want tattooed, pay a good price to get good work, and tip well (if you are able to). Tattoos can already be a potential source of regret, but a bad tattoo is guaranteed regret.”

6. “Parachute.”

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“For sale. Parachute. Used once, never opened.”

“Yep, spent 8K on my skydiving rig.”

“Those cheap parachutes never seem to get many reviews.”

5. “A Bed.”

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“You spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping, and without a good night’s rest, the day is pretty much s***. The average mattress is good for around 10 years, so when you break down the cost over that length of time, it’s always worth spending more up front.”

“Agree. We dished out on a branded memory foam mattress and omg it’s literally the best mattress I’ve ever laid on. Not too hard, not too soft or bouncy, just right. I feel like Goldilocks!”

4. “Desk chair.”

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“Got a good ergonomic breathable one, it’s an absolute game changer. The cheap ones that try to be massive director chairs with all that padding that ends up flattening after a year are not worth it, and as it degrades progressively you don’t really notice until you get a good one.”

“I literally ruined my back with a cheap Amazon Basics office chair…I can now throw it out just from bending down which was NOT the case before. I’m only 23 by the way…So yeah, at least get a chair with good lumbar support!”

3. “Safety equipment.”

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“Along the same lines, rigging equipment and that sort of stuff. And if it’s gotta be rated and my life depends on that rating, I DO NOT trust quality control in China. Seen the wear on shackles first hand.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time teaching people to never skimp on anything you expect to save your life. And then, the counterpoint, you have to trust the equipment then.”

2. “Work boots.”

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“I spend 50+ hours a week in muddy uneven terrain and must have dry comfortable feet.”

“Same here. Electrician working 50+ hours a week. Comfortable boots are so important.”

“When I started a trade my Dad said the only advice I’ll give you just now is don’t cheap out on your boots and your socks. I did at first. Then I listened to him. Absolutely a game changer.”

1.  “Trash bags.”

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“Once you have one rip on you, you’ll never want to cheap out again.”

“I learnt this the hard way recently. Bought cheapy bags…[and] spent more time mopping up bin juice from the floor than I’d like.”

“100%. Especially for the ones I use for dirty cat litter.”


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