Delicious or Disgusting: 15 Foods Dividing Opinion Online

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Food can be a love-hate relationship! Join us as Internet users explore 15 foods that divide opinion. From those adored by some to fiercely loathed by others, these culinary choices are sure to evoke some strong sentiments!

15. “Raw Tomatoes.”

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“I can’t stand tomatoes, but if something is made from tomatoes I have no problem. Ketchup, tomato soup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. Etc. All fine, but tomatoes, whether whole or in pieces, I can’t eat them. Probably the texture.”

“I’ve only liked them a handful of times from the heirloom varieties. Raw regular red tomatoes just ruin the taste of food for me.”

14. “Raw Oysters.”

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“I used to eat raw oysters until I worked in a restaurant opening them. I’ve seen so many disgusting things in a freshly opened oyster that I’ve sworn them off for life. Live parasitic god knows what, or packed with rotting goo that smells like a diaper. Never again.”

“It feels and tastes like someone spitting in your mouth after a…sea food dinner. Absolutely not my thing.”

13. “Ham.”

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“Ham. Even like, “good” ham. My parents used to make the premade hams from Walmart and it smelled like skunk and tasted weird.”

“I like other types of pork but ham – especially the thick-cut holiday variety – is so unappealing.”

12. “Chitlins.”

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The smell of them cooking for over 8 hours adds to the disgust.”

“A coworker was bragging about how good she makes them and brought them to our potluck. I tried them. I had to go make myself barf.”

11. “Okra.”

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Okra is an abomination. I like damn near all vegetables but that slimy ******** can **** right off back to the ectoplasmic bog it slithered out of.”

“Fried okra is pretty good, it’s got to be nice and fresh though or else it’s gross.”

10. “Beets.”

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Always my answer. Keep your soil to yourself.”

“Vile root. Wash them, peel them, boil them, add sugar, mix with sour cream, put in a salad, all you accomplish is different tastes to accompany the overwhelming flavor of DIRT.”

9. “Any kind of mushroom.”

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There is always a taste that I can’t do for some reason.”

“Taste and texture for me! It’s the only food I absolutely hated since I was a child.”

“I hate the texture but love the taste. If I can cut them up so small the texture is hidden, I love it.”

8. “Overnight oats.”

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They’re basically lumpy, cold snot in my throat first thing in the morning. I gag just thinking about adding chia seeds.”

“Oh man. I feel this. It just looks like refrigerated vomit to me. Absolutely not.”

“I tried to like overnight oats for a couple of weeks. Tried a bunch of different recipes, but they all ended up being disgustingly sweet slop.”

7. “Olives.”

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I’ve tried many varieties. I always try them because they look like they’d be good but they’re just not.”

As a bartender for over a decade, I’m constantly surrounded by olives. They always look good & once in a while I’m like “do I like these yet?” No. I still hate olives, and I hate myself more for trying again each time & expecting different results.”

6. “Egg nog.”

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Every year I give it a shot and try to like it, but I just can’t.”

“I’ve always thought it tastes like bad bubblegum so I’ve never really been a fan either.”

I like eggnog but I always think I like it a whole lot more than I actually do. It’s like I am expecting it to be absolutely amazing and then it ends up being just okay.”

5. “Kombucha.”

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“Smells like stinky feet and tastes like vinegar.”

I just don’t get it. There are so much better tasting things that will provide you the same benefits.”

“I’ll certainly drink kombucha (there’s not much I won’t try) but it does taste a little like a living, slightly slimy organism.”

4. “Liver.”

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“The smell alone makes me sick.”

It smells and tastes like meat would taste if it’s rotten. How am I supposed to stand this?”

“If you cook it with bacon, garlic, onions, spices, and throw the liver out, it’s pretty good. Cook [it] in separate pan.”

3. “Black licorice.”

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My mom loves it. She makes it look so good I’m 29 and I still think “hmm maybe this time…” and nah, it’s like tar vomit.”

“This. It tastes like depression.”

“Wait until you’ve tried double salt black licorice. That is another world of awful. I put some in my white elephant gift last year and my girlfriend’s brother tried a piece. His stomach did not agree with it and he said he was miserable that night.”

2.“Peeps, the Easter sugared candy.”

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I like to think I can digest anything covered in sugar BUT NOT THAT…”

“Peeps are some of the foulest creations that have ever hit the food realm. Whoever invented them needs to have their existence removed from history.”


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I hated them as a kid but as an adult I decided to try them again, thinking maybe my tastebuds had matured by then. Nope. They were still just as awful as I remembered.”

“Who doesn’t like little rocks in your milk?”

“Just finished a box for the first time in years. Somehow liked them as a kid. Still get them now and then. It’s one of those things that I only buy occasionally so I don’t ruin it for myself.”



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