12 Foods People Despise as Kids but Adore in Adulthood

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Have you found that your taste buds have changed over time? And that some of the foods you despised growing up have become some of your favorites now you’re older? Well, you’re not alone! In a recent Reddit thread, people discussed dozens of foods that have gone from despicable to dreamy as they’ve aged. Here are 12 of the most upvoted ones…

12. “Peas.”

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“I never ate a pea that didn’t come from a can until I was in my 20s. I could not believe how fresh and crunchy and sweet it was! I thought peas were gray and mushy and slimy.”

“My nursery school tried to make me eat peas one day and I refused. Teacher told me I couldn’t leave the table until I ate them so I crossed my arms and settled in. Missed playtime. Missed my nap but so did all the other kids because they had to move the lunch tables to put out cots for the afternoon nap but I was in the way. They never tried to make me eat peas again.”

11. “Pork chops.”

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“It was so disappointing as a kid that you were having pork chops for dinner. My bf and I recently randomly decided to buy them and see if we like them now and (unsurprisingly) it turns out our parents just didn’t know how to season or cook them right.”

“Turns out my parents and grandparents didn’t know how to cook anything at all. Never had a pork chop softer than an old boot until I cooked one.”

10. “Mushrooms.”

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“Even when picked off of a pizza the lingering taste would ruin the pizza for me. Now it’s a top 3 topping.”

“Until I was in my 30s I couldn’t gag down a mushroom of any sort. Now, a burger or a steak just isn’t right without a heap of mushrooms sautéed in butter, olive oil, black pepper and thyme. Mushrooms and tarragon with chicken. Mushrooms in stew, omelets, raw in a salad – yum.”

9. “Onions.”

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“I’ve eaten more onions willingly in the last year than in the previous 47 years of my life combined.”

“When I was young I hated onion. Wouldn’t touch it. One day my mom made meatloaf and forgot to get onion. She figured (my siblings and I) don’t even like onions so who cares. We start eating and each of us start asking what’s wrong with the meatloaf. I love onion now. I will eat fistfuls of it.”

8. “Spinach.”

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“My mom used to serve us that gross-smelling, wet, limp Popeye’s spinach from a can. It made me gag so bad. Once I had someone use spinach instead of lettuce on a sandwich and it was such a game-changer. Then I had some fresh sautéed spinach and I can’t get enough of the stuff now.”

“I’m 52 and the only spinach we got as kids was the frozen Birdseye brick of gross green seaweed that tasted horrible. Fast forward to about 10 years ago and I experienced spinach leaves for the first time and it was life changing. Now, I won’t have a salad unless it’s pure spinach.”

7. “Lasagne…”

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“ My mom made it with cottage cheese and raw mushroom slices that came out like Styrofoam. It was nasty. I didn’t have it done right until I was an adult.”

6. “Eggs.”

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“I was disgusted by them as a kid, then I found the way I like them prepared (which is any style really, but well-made).”

“I went through a phase as a kid (probably 9-13 or so) where I didn’t like egg yolks. And never would I have eaten a runny yolk. Now I love runny yolk.”

“I swear I had some type of intolerance to them as a kid, always had a horrible stomach ache after eating them. But now they’re one of the main proteins I eat.”

5. “Broccoli. Brussel sprouts. I wouldn’t touch it if it was green.”

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“My mom used to just boil Brussel sprouts. Getting them crispy with bacon is divine.”

“My mom used to boil/steam broccoli when I was a kid. I hated it. Now if it’s served at a restaurant or in another dish and boiled/steamed, it’s fine as long as it’s somewhat firm. Otherwise if I’m cooking I’ll put it in a pan. It tastes great that way. I’ll never understand why my mom had to boil/steam it every time.”

4. “Olives.”

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“I hated any kind of olives as a kid. Now I love them, except the black ones from a can. An extra dirty martini full of olives is heaven.”

“Me too, and I’ve met many people who developed a taste for them only in adulthood.”

“Yes! I always hated olives until I tried some garlicky green ones in my early twenties and it blew my mind. I grew up with only canned black olives at home and didn’t realize that olives could be so delicious and varied in flavor/texture.”

3. “Raw tomatoes.”

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“I hated them so much in sandwiches, now I put them in all my sandwiches. Funny thing is, my fam still thinks I hate them, so whenever we have a cookout or something, they always give me burgers without tomatoes. I’m kinda shy to admit to them my new found love.”

“I HATED tomato’s. But loved them in other forms like sauce, ketchup, soup, in salsa, etc. Now I love them in my burgers and sandwiches.”

2. “Most food. Turns out my parents just couldn’t cook.”

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“Same. My mother’s one method of cooking vegetables was “Boil until mush.” No wonder I hated them.”

“I’m 33, I still get weird looks and “I thought you didn’t like that?” Pretty often. I like it when I make it, but I season it and don’t overcook it. And now when I cook for my parents they always ask what I did to make it so good. I added salt and garlic, that’s literally it.”

1. Sushi

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“I’m in my forties and only started eating sushi within the last 5 years or so, even though my dad’s Japanese.”

“Eating raw fish sounded so gross, but now I love it.”

“I swore it was just a fad after watching The Breakfast club. It sounded like the dumbest thing ever. I tried it in my early 20s, and I can’t get enough.”




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