20 Super Expensive Hobbies Frugal People Should Avoid at All Costs

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Not all hobbies are created equal—some are exclusively reserved for the rich. Recently, Reddit users uncovered a list of 20 expensive pastimes that only the wealthy can indulge in. Luckily, you can read about them for free. Let’s dive in:

20. Warhammer 40k

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“Don’t want you kids to do drugs? Teach them to play Warhammer. They will not have money left for drugs.”

“My kid is s****** in that instance. His father plays warharmmer, and his mother (me) plays D&D. We both play MtG. He wants to play them all.”

19. Crafting

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“We have a saying, “Why should I buy something for $100 when I can spend 6 weeks of my life making it for $500?” Another is that crafting is actually two hobbies – doing it, and shopping for it.”

“Try woodworking. Buy it from Amazon for $200….OR, build it yourself for $300 in materials and $800 in more tools.”

“Pro tip. Bring sawdust with you when you buy a new tool. Then you can tell your partner you got it used! (I don’t actually advocate lying to your significant other).”

18. Owning a Jeep

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“I own a Jeep Wrangler, my hobby is fixing it after every drive.”

“LMAO. Reminds me of that joke that “90% of Chevy trucks are still on the road. The other 10% made it home.””

“Just Empty Every Pocket.”

17. Video games

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“The consoles, the deluxe edition games with the collectable swag. Custom built controllers. I love gaming and the history of it. It is not cheap though. Luckily my wife is on board with my hobby which is awesome.”

“Particularly retro video gaming. I collect old systems and games, and I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on everything so far.”

16. Golf

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“Surprised how low on the list this is. But as others have said you can be an avid golfer without breaking the bank. But on the other side it’s very easy to spend a ton of money on it.”

“I like golf, but never got into it mainly due to the expense. There’s a nice public course 5 minutes away from my house that charges $400 for an annual pass.”

15. Owning Horses

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“As the old saying goes: ‘Want to know how to make a small fortune in horses? Start with a large fortune.'”

“Boarding. Feed. Farrier. Vet. Tack. So so much. I swear to God it’s cheaper to raise a kid. And my parents have elite jumpers. Probably literally millions of dollars in costs over the decades.”

14. Lego

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“Plastic crack.”

“I’ve had $200 worth of sets sitting in my cart on Lego.com just waiting for me to get high or drunk enough to pull the trigger. Amazon is like $600… and that doesn’t include wishlists. Wish I could afford to invest in the actual company Haha.”

fore things got crazy like this. I really should sell, but just can’t part.”

13. Cheese Making

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“Why buy a reasonably-sized hunk of fancy cheese at the store when you can spend $100s on milk, a couple grand on supplies and equipment, and months of your time on a slightly larger, but not as good tiny wheel of your own?”

“I got deep into the bloomy rind cheeses, most of which are differentiated by slight variations in milk fat, culture(s), curd moisture, ph, temperature, humidity, etc…I eventually had a shed that I converted into a “cheese cave” with six mini refrigerators, all set to different temperature and humidity settings. Also, the fun is in the making, but many of the firmer cheeses need to age for months, so at one point, I had over 20 rounds of different cheddars, havartis, goudas and fontinas aging.”

12. Going to Concerts and Travel

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“Live music is the best way to spend money, I love concerts and shows.”

“I love going to see my favorite bands in other cities as a mini vacation. It allows me to check out the area while I’m there.”

11. Learning Guitar

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“Guitar lessons, guitars and other guitar-related equipment.”

“Teach a man to fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to play guitar and he never eats again.”

“Yep. I’ve spent a downright shameful amount of money on gear. You couldn’t waterboard me enough to admit the amount. At least ill have some cool stuff to hand down to my grandkids some day.”

10. Skiing

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“If you ignore the cost of equipment, the cost of seasons passes, and travel, it’s not too bad.”

“Don’t forget the cost of accommodation if you want to stay anywhere near the mountain during peak season that isn’t a hostel.”

9. Miniature Painting

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“My pile of shame is currently in a massive military surplus duffle bag under my bed. I am around 5 foot 10, and can lay down flat in the bag. It weighs so much I can’t lift it.”

“I promised myself I’d buy no more minis until the pile was diminished by 50%. I just ordered a 3D printer, because that’s not technically buying more minis.”

8. Living Indoors and Eating Food

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“Hey, take it easy, moneybags. Not all of us can even consider both.”

“Eating cheap is getting more difficult. But living indoors? Holy crap that s*** is expensive.”

7. Buying Vinyl Records

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“I just can’t resist the expense and inconvenience of buying records.”

“I can’t believe the prices I see things go for on whatnot. Luckily I started collecting be

6. Flying Planes

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“Learning how to fly an airplane. Plane rental plus instructor fees equal about $250 an hour.”

“I hear just owning a small plane like a Cessna can be at or near $1000 a month. There is hangar/airport parking fees, plane insurance, maintanance, fuel, etc. It all adds up. I don’t even want to think of how much it costs to own something like a private jet. That’s why I stick with flight simulators on my computer.”

5. Mountain Biking

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“Yep. I just bought a new “midrange” FS bike. At least once you have the bike and gear, that’s most of the price. Skiing and snowboarding I think are more expensive in the long run due to the equipment, season passes, or lift tickets if you are traveling to a mountain you don’t live close to.”

“Started mountain biking a year ago, got hooked big time. Since then my husband and I have purchased two hardtails, two fat bikes, and my full suspension. That’s five bikes in twelve months. Not to mention over $1000 worth of various racks/pads for hauling the bikes, plus accessories, helmets, tools, indoor trainer, skills clinics, and doctor/PT bills (if you’re unlucky and live in the US).”

4. Fishkeeping

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“The fish are by far the cheapest part.”

“It’s addictive too. I have 2 tanks and trying very hard to resist the urge to add a 3rd.”

“Started with a 29g saltwater reef tank. We now have 4 tanks and are working on a 5th. It’s very expensive, and also very addicting.”

3. Growing Rare Plants

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“I was at a garden shop with my parents this weekend and spotted a rare houseplant I’d never actually seen in stores, and then saw that it was “only” $35 and so of course I had to buy it. The plant was only a single leaf. My parents thought I was crazy. (My parents are correct).”

“When you spend hundreds and then somehow they manage to get upset with either the soil, the fertiliser or the amount of watering/temperature and unalive themselves immediately.”

“not only are rare plants costly, but the equipments needed to care for them is so pricey. And somehow never enough… probably because the collection keeps growing.”

2. Making mechanical keyboards

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“I don’t make them much anymore but custom mechanical keyboards were a total money burner for me.”

“I made one. It cost me $600. My friend said his most expensive was around $1200, I decided to get out while I still could. Fantastic keyboard though.”

1. Astrophotography

Northern Lights
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“I was scrolling down to find this too!! Been looking and drooling over setups for about 5 years now. I have 2 young kids so I’ll just keep enjoying other people’s results for now.”

“It’s the same for microscopy. The actual scope is relatively affordable but then you start eyeing filters, cameras, stains and it gets really expensive really fast. You know you’re in too deep when you start writing your own code for it.”


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