13 “Never Again” Experiences Where Once Is Definitely Enough

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Some experiences are so bad that they make you exclaim, “Never Again!”  Reddit users recently came together to share the things they tried once and vowed never to repeat. Here’s a list of 13 of those activities that left a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons:

13. “Cigarettes.”

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“I sometimes have dreams where I am smoking, but never want to do it in reality again.”

“I quit something like 16 years ago. For years after I would have these dreams where I was smoking again and I felt this all-pervadsive shame and disappointment in myself. “Feeling” is too small a word though. The emotion was tactile, like falling on concrete, and vivid like the sun when it’s at a low angle in the sky and blinds you.”

12. “Pregnancy.”

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“For me, it was being pregnant. If it was just giving birth, I could do that again – your body knows what’s coming and it’s honestly fine.. I mean it sucks, but it’s fine. For me, being pregnant was 9+ months of ABSOLUTE MISERY, and I never had it in me to do it all again. The postpartum period sucks too. It’s basically a year and a half of misery. And I looked like hell the whole time, and I’m very vain and basically never want to look like hell. That being said, I probably would have done it again if my husband wanted another baby. But he waited until I was like 38 to suggest another. gtfo lol. Our kid is in high school!”

“Omg right! I kept saying that when I was pregnant. Birth is like one day. Pregnancy was 9 months of misery with a new symptom every day! Nausea? Old news. Back pain? Aight. Restless… legs? Wtf!? Oh you got restless legs under control? Here’s some reflux!”

11. “College.”

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“Sad, but true. Just not worth the money or stress, all for the chance of getting a job that pays exactly the same.”

“Starting into adulthood with large debts can’t give you good chances.”

10. “Lose yourself trying to make someone else happy.”

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“If I never do this again, I will consider my life a success (at least the remaining 40-50 years or whatever I have left now). I can hardly believe how much of my life I ****** for other people.”

“I guess I’m “lucky” I’m only 27 but I think I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years I’ve been having intimate relationships. Took me that amount of time to realise I’ve been going out with the same kind of girl that’s had a life full of abuse and neglect, and they’ve projected that onto me.”

9. “Casually dating someone who’s already casually dating someone.”

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“Pro Tip: It’s never that casual. There are almost always more feelings involved than everyone is willing to admit, and at least one person is going to walk away hurt. If you’re new to the party, there’s a good chance it’s going to be you.”

“Casually dating/seeing someone but then entertaining other options is a no go for me. I don’t want that done to me nor the other way around.”

8. “Going to war.”

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“With you there. Sucks being there and almost completely ruined my life afterwards.”

“There’s nothing romantic about it.”

7. “Forgiving your partner when they’re unfaithful.”

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“[I] wish I didn’t forgive my ex and just moved on like my gut told me to.”

“…My first wife ran around twice. In 1991 we worked through it, then again in 2000. I have forgiven her, which helped my healing, but I will never trust her again. Our daughter was the biggest loser in the whole thing.”

6. “Caving.”

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“I did the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave where it’s like a six-hour caving adventure and I’ll never do it again. I didn’t think I was claustrophobic but crawling through spaces so narrow you have to lay flat on your stomach and shimmy your body with no room to even lift your head or turn around. Never again.”

“I just re-watched The Descent last night. Hard no from me.”

5. “Say yes when my gut is telling me no.”

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“I was crying when saying my vows to my ex-husband. I knew it was wrong but still went through with marrying him. However, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my two boys. Although I know deep down I made a horrible decision, I can’t regret it. I walked away with the two greatest gifts I could imagine…and a life lesson.”

“Same, there’s always a reason why your instincts are telling you not to do something.”

4. “Salvia Divinorum.”

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“I went places on that drug. Then whatever was dwelling in the space I traveled to kicked me the **** out! Don’t have to tell me twice…”

“This. I tripped 10 years ago but am still not entirely convinced the trip is over. What a bizarre/interesting/never need to experience again kinda time that was.”

3. “Skydive.”

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“Biggest rush but once is enough.”

“My wife went tandem skydiving and her main chute didn’t open and they had to use the reserve. Then about a year later her friend called her and said one of the instructors they had went with had died in an accident.”

2. “Queuing super early at a concert to get to the front row.”

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“Lining up early in the day at a concert with General Admission tickets so I can get to the front row. Then never leaving that spot for the entire concert so I can hold my spot while the main act performs.”

“Seen Metallica 24 times live…always did this in the early years until I realized you can still enjoy it just as much further away where you can breathe lol.”

1. “Hopefully, chemo!”

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“In remission for 3 years now, still going strong!”

“Today is my 4-year cancer-aversary. Stage 3 at age 25. Here’s to many more negative scans for both of us.”




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