These 15 People Just Shared Dark Secrets Online They Refuse to Reveal in Real Life

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In the mood for a dose of juicy gossip from total strangers? People on Reddit recently divulged their deepest, darkest secrets, and we’ve curated the top 15 responses just for you:

15. The Refused Burials

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“I’ve cremated all my relatives against their wishes. Burial is just too much man.”

“It’s pretty ***** to burden others with high costs of burial after you die. Pre Pay that stuff or its ashes to ashes dust to dust for you.”

“Sadly, even if you prepay, your loved ones can get stuck with huge bills after you die. My neighbor was recently told that he had to fork out an extra $$ because the casket his mom picked out 15 years ago isn’t available anymore so they had to get a different one. There were other things too, but that was the biggest one. Hia moms prepaid funeral ended up costing him an extra 10k on top of what she paid.”

14. The Possible Father

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“In late 2017-early 2018 I was working retail and met a girl I liked, but she had a bf. We would hang out as just friends and I was fine with it until she decided one day she wanted to hook up. I was her side piece for months until one day she came to my house and asked me not to leave because I was supposed to move across the country in a couple weeks. Told me she was in love with me and was pregnant and didn’t know which of us was the dad, I moved early and never spoke to her again. Looked her up on IG a while back and they’re now married with a second kid on the way so I guess it worked out ok.”

13. The Secret Love That Ruined His Marriage

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“For all of my twenties and early thirties, I was in love with my best friend’s girlfriend/now wife. Nothing ever happened between us, but we were always really close friends. She even told me she loved me once, and that ****** me up for a long time. The unrequited love damn near killed me though, because on top of everything, I was a ****** friend and ****** husband to my now ex-wife for having these quiet feelings. Pretty sure the nail in the coffin of my divorce was when my ex-wife found out, so that sucked. I’m finally past all of it, thank god, but it can still hurt if I let it.”

12. The Guy Who Nearly Killed His Brother

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“I nearly killed my brother accidentally. When we were kids, we were playing outside and he just kinda annoyed me. So I went home, got a can of peas, and then proceeded to throw it at his head. He crumpled and was unconscious for a bit. I remember freaking out that maybe I killed him but he came to several minutes later. To this day, almost 19 years later, he doesn’t remember anything, and he doesn’t seem to have any neurological problems, he seems normal. I haven’t told anyone this, not even my parents. I just told them he fell and hit his head when they noticed the lump on his head, but didn’t mention that he was unconscious.”

11. The Wistful Dreamer

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“Not my deepest secret, but a card I keep pretty close to my chest: Nearly every week of my life since age 19, I’ve had a vivid dream about my high school girlfriend. I’m 47 now.”

“Spiritual people call this a twin flame. They say there’s a chance she’s having dreams or thoughts as well.”

10. The Person Who Loves Feet

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“I have a foot fetish. I really wanna explain what it’s like because to me it’s not fun at all. Think of a foot with a sock on like seeing a girl with a bikini on. It’s nice, but you don’t get to see EVERYTHING. With shoes on they’re basically fully clothed. Now when the socks off it’s comparable to see a girl naked…

Beaches and pools are miserable to be at…and people who wear open toed sandals or have their “dawgs” out are my weakness and I get uncomfortable around them because they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s also really made fun of because it’s seen as weird, but I was born with it. It’s a gift and a curse…Also people joke about foot fetishes in front of me without knowing I actually have one and it makes me SUPER uncomfortable to the point where I have to leave the conversation because I feel super judged.”

9. The Person Who Called DCYF

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“I called [the Department of Children, Youth and Families] on a friend and her kids eventually were removed from her home. Still doesn’t know it was me.”

“I called on my sister and brother-in-law. They have no clue it was me but it was what they needed to finally hit rock bottom and change their life around. They’ve been clean for 6+ years and are great parents. They have good jobs, bought a house, and a couple of cars. I’m so proud of them!”

8. The Cousins Who Fell In Love

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“One summer, I fell in love with my cousin when I (M) was 13 and she was 14. During her visit, she kissed me. I said we couldn’t do that again and she agreed. But she added that she was glad that we kissed at least once. Nothing else physical ever happened between us.

We still see each other sometimes now. And every time we’re together, I wish she could’ve been anybody else’s cousin. Just not my cousin. She once told me outright that she wishes the same thing. She brings her husband to family reunions, of course. He and I look alike, have the same hobbies, share the same sense of humor, etc. But so far, nobody seems to have noticed that she married my clone. I asked her about that once. She said she really does love him and she loves her marriage. But she added ‘He was the next best thing.’”

7. The Abuse Victim Who Took Revenge

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“I got my first bf when I was 19. He was also 19. The relationship was incredibly toxic and abusive…I was trapped for 2.5 years…So when he wanted to lose weight, I told him I would cook for him. What he thought were healthy, chocolate protein shakes were actually full fat, chocolate shakes with about a cup of added sugar per serving (plus protein powder). He gained 40+ lbs over a year. I want to feel bad about it but I had to call the cops on him for domestic abuse. So I don’t.”

6. The Crematorium Assistant’s Secret

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“I worked in a crematorium in the late 80’s. We had a shelf in the back that we stored cheap plastic urns on. One night as I was sitting and waiting for one cremation to finish there was a loud crash that scared the s*** out of me. When I went back to look the shelf had collapsed. I ended up just scooping the ashes back into the containers but never told anyone about it.”

5. The Criminal’s One-Time Assistant

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“I did a favor for an organized crime figure in the 90’s.”

“Hope they allowed you to stay out of their business. If they stuck to the old code of honour in organised crime, it means you could probably ask for a favour of equal value.”

4. The Cheating Engineer

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“I once was involved in a university black market. They handed me past exam papers because our professor never handed them out for us to practice. I studied them with a friend of mine. A week after, it was the exact same exam word for word. Only the year changed. I memorized the answers off by heart. I finished in 45 mins, f***** around and pretended to think for 2 more hours to avoid getting caught. I got a 95% in an engineering exam with a poker face.”

3. The Parents Who Weren’t Good Relationship Role Models

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“About 16 years ago, my parents (51 M/49 F at the time) got a divorce because my mother turned out to be cheating on my father with a 15 year old she had met in church. Once the divorce was finalized, my father began to date his biological cousin and almost married her. This is the TL:DR version of what happened but it was a whirlwind of [crazy] moments for about 3 years as everything came out. To this day, they act like nothing either of them did was wrong.”

2. The Person Who Faked Foot Photos

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“Male. I’ve been selling my foot pics and videos pretending to be female for years.”

“Thought about it a few times after a friend of mine (f) made 5k in a few weeks on OF with only feet pics.”

1. The Silent Millionaire

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“I inherited a ton of money and haven’t told anyone for years. I have lived very modestly but one day I plan on completely disappearing to my countryside house where no one will find me.”




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