13 Fascinating Facts Nobody Knows Unless They Work in the Field

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Every field has its own secrets that only those on the inside know. However, Reddit users are here to spill the beans! They have revealed 14 fascinating facts that industry folks usually try to keep under wraps. Let’s dive in:

14. The One About Genetics

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“There’s a bunch of stuff we don’t report back because they’re considered incidental findings. This can include genetic diseases with no treatment/mitigation. Or non-paternity. If your kid is sick with a genetic disease and you go get genetic testing done for mom, dad and little timmy, we do not automatically report back if dad is no relation or is actually an uncle. At the same time in most places you have the right to request your data.”

13. The One About Horse Reins

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“In movies they unnecessarily yank on horses’ reins, practically ripping their mouths out. Anytime you see their mouths open with the bit pulled way back in there, they’re not having fun and it’s for no reason other than maybe drama and the trainers are shi*** for letting that happen.”

“Most of the commands and controls used on horses are in the legs and balancing body weight, the reins are for gently guiding, and at worse for getting them to put their head in specific spots. The best riders barely use the reins and usually only one hand lightly to keep the horse in check.”

12. The One About Flavored Drinks at Cafes

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“When I worked as a barista: how much syrup is in flavored drinks. At the cafe I worked at, we measured flavoring by grams. If you got a large mocha, that [drink] would have like 110 grams of chocolate sauce in it. If you want a little bit of flavor, I suggest only 1 pump. 2 max.”

“We had a peppermint mocha that was like 130 grams. You could get a steamed apple cider that was like 105 grams of syrup in there too.”

11. The One About Animal Documentaries

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“In any given nature documentary, the protagonist animal you’re rooting for is ‘played’ by several different ‘actors’ – i.e. that one brown bear’s story is patched together from footage of a bunch of different bears. And in about 90% of the ‘animal reacting’ shots they’re reacting to the camera crew. Nature documentaries are heavily constructed.”

10. The One About US Police

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“Police can lie to you, including about whether or not they’re police.”

“In the US, police can lie at any time. Ostensibly it’s to enable undercover work, but it’s also used to coerce confessions.”

“This doesn’t count for all countries. In Germany for example, the police isn’t allowed to lie or make things up in order to get information.”

9. The One About UTIs in the Elderly

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“UTIs will often cause confusion in people over 70…UTI is Urinary Tract Infection and some people can get confused to the point of hallucinations and delirium. It can cause increased weakness which also leads to falls. According to this study, the confusion and delirium is brought on by the inflammation and immune response involved.”

“I work in the mental health field. Often I’m told a loved one has dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. I will ask about symptom onset and they’ll say “a couple days” or something similar. A round of antibiotics later and the loved one is usually back to their baseline. UTIs in older folks are wild.”

8. The One About Digital Cameras and Color

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“The sensors in digital cameras (including phones) are monochromatic (they don’t “see” color) and have a tiny color filter on each sensor element so it can detect one of three colors (red, green, blue). Then the image is created by calculating what the other two colors might be based on one color value and the values of the nearest sensors around it. tldr; 2/3 of the color in a digital photo is calculated from the 1/3 that is actual data.”

7. The One About “Luxury” Buildings

Raleigh, North Carolina
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“Those “high end” or “expensive” neighborhoods they slap up really fast…Usually, gated communities and other semi-exclusive suburbs full of McMansions are built with the absolute cheapest materials and poorest quality/untrained labor. Never buy a “spec” home without some serious research into what you’re actually buying. All that “luxury” is barely surface deep.”

6. The One About Flat-Lining

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“When a person “flat lines” you cannot shock them out of it.”

“That’s why you do CPR until there is a shockable rhythm.”

5. The One About Cement

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“Cement and concrete are not the same thing. Cement is the main ingredient in concrete, but concrete is the whole mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, water, etc.”

“And the percentages of those components in the mixture differs significantly depending on the climate they’re being used in.”

4. The One About “Broken” Bones

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“There is no “fractured” vs “broken” there are only different types of fractures. It’s really a semantic problem but patients get heated about it.”

“When people ask if I’ve broken a bone before, I tell them that I fractured my wrist. The response usually is ‘that doesn’t count.’”

3. The One About Calf Muscle Function

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“Your calf muscles act as a pump for your lymph fluid, which is basically the garbage pick-up and immunity doordash of your body. Without flexing your calf, the fluid has no way of moving against gravity. Each time we walk, the muscles contract, squeezing the fluid back up towards the core for processing. That’s why sitting for long periods causes swelling in the legs.”

“Adding to this, the calf muscle pump also helps with pushing the vein blood upward. Got told in med school that big calves help prevent deep vein thrombosis this way!”

2. The One About Powerful Explosives

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“Powerful explosives are so insensitive to shock that it usually takes a smaller, more sensitive explosive to set them off.”

“C4 will just burn if put into a fire, soldiers used it to cook food in Vietnam.”

1. The One About Elevators Failing

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“An elevator will go up to the top of the hoist instead of crash to the floor in most catastrophic failures due to the counter weights.”

“Counterweights are typically sized to balance a cab that’s half loaded, so if you’re in an elevator that’s rated 2000lbs and you have 900-1000lbs of weight in the cab, you might not go anywhere.”


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