14 Epic Movie Soundtracks That Put Others To Shame

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Behind every great film lies a soundtrack that can make or break the experience. Join us as Reddit users revisit 14 cinematic masterpieces, where the music not only complemented the story but became an integral part of it:

14. Gladiator

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Hans Zimmer’s Gladiator soundtrack is nothing short of iconic – a bit like the movie itself, for that matter. The score got nominated for Academy and BAFTA awards, and won a Golden Globe. SalsaShark89 wrote of it, “Elysium isn’t a song, it’s a soul experience.”

13. Prince of Egypt

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This animated musical from DreamWorks first hit the screen in 1998, but the soundtrack’s still being listened to and loved! People on Reddit were stoked when someone suggested it.

The first person to respond simply put, “I SEND MY SCOURGE, I SEND MY SWORD THUS SAITH THE LORD” (a lyric from one of the songs). Another wrote, “My god yes. Sometimes I just blast the tunes from this at full volume. Cut to me in the kitchen like: SURELY THIS IS ALL I EVER WANTED!” And a third Redditor was just upset it was so far down the list, saying “I had to scroll way too far for this one.”

12. Blues Brothers

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This suggestion won itself close to 6k upvotes in no time at all. And it’s unsurprising. After all, the 1980s Blues Brothers movie featured cameos from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and other legendary soul, jazz, and blues musicians.

That wasn’t lost on one Reddit user, who wrote: “…they got the best of the best when it came to that style of music. Everyone in the Blues Brothers Band in that movie is a famous musician prior to the Blues Brothers. That’s before you get Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and some other legendary cameos with their own songs.

11. Lord of the Rings

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Now we’re talking. The award-winning soundtrack of the infamous LOTR trilogy is one of our personal favorites. And people on Reddit agree.

One wrote, “I would argue that the LOTR soundtrack is so good, it sorta became a template for anything that wants to scream high fantasy adventure. I hear so many pieces that are very clearly inspired by/derived from LOTR music in various video games and whatnot.” Another added, “Concerning Hobbits will never not make me feel absolute nostalgia and complete inner peace.”

10. O Brother Where Art Thou

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While it might not be as famous as other items on the list, this comedy drama starring George Clooney was the most upvoted suggestion on the Reddit thread. One person said, “Great sound track and best line ever “well ain’t this place a geographical oddity, 2 weeks from everywhere.” Another wrote “My boy Dan Tyminski finally getting the love he deserves.”

9. Tron

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There was some confusion over this popular suggestion. Did the person who posted it mean the Daft Punk soundtrack from Tron: Legacy? Or were they referring to Wendy Carlos’ score in the original? To be fair, though, everyone who commented thought both deserve a spot on the list…

8. Tarzan

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The third most upvoted suggestion came from one Reddit user, who simply put, “It’s Tarzan right?” Others chimed in with agreement. One put, “Phil Collins did the world a favor with that soundtrack. Iconic.”

7. Interstellar

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The Hans Zimmer score for Interstellar receives stellar praise, too. Although, admits one Redditor, “Pretty much any movie score by Hans Zimmer slaps.” Someone else said, “Literally first movie I’ve seen and thought wow what an amazing soundtrack that was the first time I researched about [a] composer.” While another put “Thought this one should be the first. This is (imo) the masterpiece of Hans Zimmer.”

6. The Last of the Mohicans

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You can’t argue with this one. The soundtrack to the Last of the Mohicans is almost as famous as the movie itself. One Redditor said, “The music is epic! It brings you into not just the story but the landscape.” Listen to its main theme, “Promentory,” and you’ll soon see what they mean.

5. A Goofy Movie

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This movie might not be the first that comes to mind when you think of epic soundtracks, but people on Reddit raved about it. One said, “That entire movie had absolutely no right to be that good. Wasn’t just the song, though that was an undeniably legendary way to close that movie out.” And another wrote: “This is the only good answer here.”

4. The Crow

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The Crow might not be as famous as other movie titles here, but that didn’t stop the soundtrack from getting thousands of votes on Reddit. With tracks from bands like The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Machines of Loving Grace, it’s a favorite among rock lovers. One person wrote: “The Crow is the greatest soundtrack of all time. I’ll die on this hill.”

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

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To fans of this iconic movie franchise, it won’t be a surprise to see it featured on a list of epic soundtracks. With songs from Redbone, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and countless other famous artists, it’s full of absolute rippers. On Reddit, someone said, “Each movie has been a masterclass in putting together soundtracks.” Another wrote: “Vol 1 and 2 are spectacular!”

2. Dazed and Confused

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This coming-of-age comedy starring a youthful Matthew McConaughey hit the big screen back in 1993. While you may not remember the movie, you’ll certainly know some of the artists on the soundtrack. Aerosmith, Deep Purple, and Ted Nugent are just a few of the names who made the movie’s music so epic. One Redditor wrote: “The sweet emotion opening is iconic and it never slows down from there.” And another said it’s “Maybe the best 70s compilation of all time.”

1. Pulp Fiction

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At number 10, we have the classic 1994 Quentin Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction. Although no traditional score was written for the movie, the carefully-curated soundtrack remains a key reason people remember the film itself.

One Redditor wrote, “YES! I was getting worried no one else would add this.” Another put, “Yessss! So many great songs! I really love “C’est la vie” and “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon”. Almost 30 years and still my favorite movie EVER. Part of the reason is the soundtrack, for sure!”

Do You Know Any Others?

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What do you reckon? Did the good people of Reddit miss any obvious ones? Are there others you think should have been on this “top 10” list? Drop a comment to let us know your favorite movie soundtracks.


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